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Apex Legends Season 12 gameplay trailer reveals Sabotaged Olympus

And shows off Mad Maggie's fiery abilities

The new Apex Legends Season 12 gameplay trailer gives us a better look at Mad Maggie's fiery abilities, and they seem perfect for flushing campers out of their hiding spots. This latest trailer, delivered as a piece of Silva Pharmaceuticals propaganda, also reveals the Sabotaged Olympus map update and Control mode coming in Season 12.

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After warping to a new location, Olympus is looking rather messy. Displaced objects and buildings litter the futuristic city, which should come as a welcome addition to those who dislike the Olympus of old for its large open areas. When Olympus was introduced in Season 7, it prioritised openness and long sightlines so that travelling in the new Trident vehicles was easy. This received plenty of criticism, as it led to players trading shots across huge swathes of empty space, with little need to get creative or use abilities. Now, you'll find plenty of cover scattered across the city, filling in those barren areas and providing somewhere to hunker down during a fight.

If you find enemies getting too comfy behind all that cover, Mad Maggie has some particularly disruptive abilities that'll force them back into the fight. In the trailer, we get another look at her wrecking ball ultimate, as well as a gadget that she can fire at hiding enemies. This trap will send a torrent of flames through cover, scorching those on the other side.

These abilities should prove especially useful in Control, the new limited-time game mode that pits two teams of 9 against each other to capture 3 objectives. Holding objectives will earn points for your team, and the first team to reach 1500 points will win. Mad Maggie is poised to dominate in this mode, as her abilities seem tailored to force enemies out of capture zones, giving you a chance to earn some points and potentially pave the way to a quick victory.

If you want to try out Control, you need to be quick. Season 12 will launch on February 8th, but Control will only stick around for three weeks, with this limited-time mode set to leave on March 1st. In the meantime, make sure you're prepared for the new season with our Apex Legends character tier list.

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