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Respawn reveal the surprising backstory for new Apex Legends hero Newcastle

Newcastle isn't who you might think

The latest backstory video for Apex Legends has arrived, but it turns out Respawn and EA pulled a fast one on us when they supposedly confirmed the identity of rookie Legend Newcastle as Jackson Williams. So Newcastle isn’t the Newcastle that's been in the Apex Legends backstory for ages, yet he is Newcastle. How does that work? Well, Jackson Williams is Newcastle now. He just wasn’t always.

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Y’see, good old family-man Jackson Williams and many of the other residents of Harris Valley looked up to their hero Newcastle. It’s just a shame Newcastle wasn’t actually very good at being a blood-sport contestant and kept failing to qualify for the Apex Games. Williams knew his way around the Newcastle armour because he worked on repairing it. So when a criminal gang kills the original Newcastle while trying to shake him down for debt money, Williams takes on the mantle to win Harris Valley’s freedom.

Newcastle was confirmed as Apex Legends’ newest contender earlier this week. He’ll enter the Apex Games in Season 13, a.k.a. ‘Saviors’, on May 10th competing alongside his in-game sister Bangalore. Primarily a defensive character, Newcastle has plenty of shields to wield, and looks a bit similar to RoboCop if he were slightly chirpier. The season’s tagline is “let no one fall”, so it sounds like Newcastle is going to be putting himself under a fair amount of pressure for a battle royale contestant.

While you’re waiting for Newcastle to drop, there’s always our guide to the top Apex Legends characters and the best guns in Apex Legends to consult.

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