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Apex Legends Season 15 gets first trans hero Catalyst

A new Stories From The Outlands video explains her backstory

Respawn have revealed the next legend arriving in their free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends will be the game’s first trans hero, Catalyst. The latest season is called Eclipse, and brings the new map Divided Moon. The update also introduces gifting to Apex Legends, and there’ll be a brand new battle pass. Find out more about Catalyst’s backstory by watching the trailer below.

New legend Catalyst's history is explained in a Stories From The Outlands instalment.Watch on YouTube

Catalyst is a trans woman, and voiced by trans actor Meli Grant. Also known as Tressa Smith, Catalyst is an “experienced terraformer and defensive conjurer” who fights with a substance called ferrofluid. Respawn say this ferrofluid can “manipulate the battlefield”, although it's not clear how just yet. Arriving in Season 15 along with Catalyst is a new map, Divided Moon, which was leaked earlier this year together with Catalyst and a batch of eight other unannounced heroes. You can read a little more about Catalyst and what’s lined up for Apex Legends Season 15 here.

Season 15 has a refreshed battle pass with new daily and weekly challenges, but it also introduces gifting to Apex Legends. Gifting lets you use Apex Coins to buy stuff like legend and weapons skins for pals, and it’s crossplatform. There’s a five gift per day limit, and just remember that they’re not refundable. You can read how gifting works here.

Today happens to be the start of the third week of Apex Legends' Fight Or Fright event. That means you’ll be able to jump into the limited-time Control mode from the Lava Siphon, Barometer, and Labs After Dark locations until October 25th. There’s also a new batch of Halloween-themed skins on sale up to the end of the event on November 1st.

Apex Legends Season 15 begins on November 1st. The game’s a free download from Steam and the EA App for Windows. Check out Ollie’s guide to everything we know about Apex Legends Season 15 for a rundown of what’s coming to the game next month.

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