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Some of Alice Bee's favourite podcasts

Pods are casted

This week, for reasons that will hopefully become clear, I’ve been taking stock of the podcasts I listen to regularly. Now that I commute for roughly four hours a day I listen to way more than I used to, and I thought I’d recommend you some of my favourites this lovely Friday. The header image is just one that came up when I searched 'podcast' in our image library.

You can share your own favourites back! But I’m immediately going to issue a ban on mentioning My Favourite Murder. Yes, I am a middle class white woman, which means I am weirdly interested in killins, but I tried to listen to My Favourite Murder and I really don’t see what people like so much about two drunk women reading Wikipedia articles at each other. I mean, honestly. They didn’t know what the Vidocq Society was. How can you claim to be into murders and not know that? Vidocq was so famous he's been the subject of two films and is in a video game. And has a whole society, for chrissakes.

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