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Squid Game is the perfect Netflix show for Zero Escape & Danganronpa likers

A new Korean drama that's effectively Battle Royale meets Zero Escape

Listen up, escape room fans. There's a new Korean drama you need to watch. It's called Squid Game, it's on Netflix, and it's real good. It's a show about 456 down and outers - folks with no life, family or who are in huge piles of debt - who enter a deadly competition to win a truck ton of money to help them turn their life around. All they need to do is compete in six games. Easy peasy, everyone thinks. How hard can that be? Only the first of those games, a riff on the classic children's game Statues / Grandma's Footsteps / Red Light Green Light - involves running toward a giant automaton with motion sensors in her eyes, as well as a team of snipers waiting in the rafters to take down anyone who does stay perfectly at the right time.

It's grim, but it's also the perfect blend of some of my favourite things ever: Zero Escape, Danganronpa and Battle Royale (the Japanese thriller, not the game genre) - and I implore you to give it a go.

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