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Stanley Parable: The Objective Review

The Stanley Parable is an interactive experience with graphics and sound. In it, you use the W, A, S, and D keys to walk around three dimensional environments while the mouse allows you to steer. Sometimes, when you walk to a place, things happen. Usually, this involves a narrator talking by using words. Other times, other things might happen - but not often. Sometimes, the game ends, but not really. It just restarts. Then new things happen, unless they don't.

The graphics are graphics, and the sound is sound. They function. The game is called The Stanley Parable because it is a parable about someone named Stanley. There is no fighting, because only the keys for walking work.

The Stanley Parable is interactive and also an experience. It runs on PCs and is not invisible. It is also not cursed by mummies or haunted by ghosts, though its creators have yet to confirm whether or not it's cursed by ghosts and haunted by mummies.


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