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The cosy mystery TV shows I watch, ranked

Once again I have no evidence

As I, ever faster, slip into the twilight years of my life whilst having just turned 30, my viewing habits become even more entrenched. Like most women my age I watch so many shows and documentaries about 'orrible murder that it may in fact be its own pathology. If anyone I know ever dies in mysterious circumstances I will immediately become a suspect just in light of my Netflix history.

It's not all relentlessly grim, though. Quite a few murder mystery shows are, in their way, very cheerful and homely. You know exactly the ones I mean because your mum watches them. I encourage you to give them a try though! Throw a blanky over your knees, cradle a mug of tea in both hands, keep a book of sudoku at yer elbow for boring bits, and join me with my favourite TV shows (in order of how much I enjoy them).

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