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The Pipwick Papers

Cake embargo, OK GO and Tumblr cash

There's no Sunday Papers this week because Graham is eating his way out of a chocolate egg. In its place, please enjoy these Pipwick Papers originally posted to the Supporter program on February 28th.

Today is for catching up with various fashion weeks and poring over long-neglected feeds. Or at least it was going to be but then everything got a bit derailed so I've just been having coffee and catching up with a handful of things I bookmarked for later!

  • I wish I was going to be anywhere near the Metropolitan Museum of Art while their Manus X Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology exhibition is running. From this Engadget preview it sounds like the idea is at least partly to look at designers who did or do use technology in interesting was or in conjunction with more traditional methods. Christopher Kane gets a mention, as well as people like Karl Lagerfeld but I wanted to give a quick shout-out to Mary Katrantzou for her stunning digital printwork.
  • Alice showed me this and I love it - it's a really cool projection:
  • A fascinating look at Tumblr by Elspeth Reeve - it's about fame, the pursuit of money and teenagers with huge social reach and insight into how to manipulate those systems. I have maybe a dozen tumblrs. I don't update any of them anymore but I was never a savvy teen trading in reblogs and affiliate links. One of them was where I recorded the colouring of finished Letterpress boards, devoid of actual letters and titled them after the winning word.
  • The Guardian has this piece about the Supreme Court ruling that joint enterprise law has been applied wrongly for over 30 years. Joint enterprise is where the accused acts in conjunction with the killer but doesn't deliver the killing blow. People tweeting about it also brought this London Review of Books piece about joint enterprise onto my timeline from last year. It's a piece which is good for highlighting some of the bizarre and, to me as a casual reader, nonsensical convictions which have arisen as a result.
  • How you break an embargo with cake. Twice.
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