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Upcoming Eldest Souls is a deicide-based boss rush RPG

Nietzsche would be proud

It is, as it turns out, difficult to kill a god. Still, that’s what you’ll be attempting to do in the RPG-slash-boss-rush Eldest Souls. It will be hard, promise developers Fallen Flag Studio, and you will die a lot. At least you’ll have the pretty pixel art to admire as you try over and over. Here’s a trailer to show it off.

The reason I would never survive to the end of a video game is that I want to pet the deer an equal amount before and after it transforms into that twisted sack of bone splinters.

Sadly, petting doesn’t seem to be on the cards here. Instead, it’s very much about whacking ‘em with great big swords. Don’t feel too sorry for these gods, though. According to the game’s website, they are apparently not very nice at all, and have destroyed all the farmlands and rivers and other things that we humans generally need to survive. On the other hand, we did lock them up first. So maybe no one here is especially lovely. Perhaps we could sit down and talk about it over tea?

Again, it’s really more about the sword whacking. When you do eventually manage to murder a deity, you’ll apparently pick up new abilities and powers “beyond mortal comprehension.” What could possibly go wrong?

So far there’s been no word on when Eldest Soul is aiming to release, but it’ll be at E3, so it’s possible we’ll get more information in the next few days.

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Eldest Souls

PC, Nintendo Switch

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