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Hardcore: Victor Vran Gets Tough

For serious monster hunters only

Our John wasn't convinced of action-RPG-with-giant-effing-spiders Victor Vran [official site] when it released this year, but developer Haemimont Games has been working on a few additional features since then, so maybe that'll swing things around.

Victor Vran now has a hardcore and casual mode, which were made available this week as part of a free update. For Hardcore mode the idea is to play without dying, and without equipment twinked from regular characters. If you do die, your character will sort of live on, but only in Normal mode. Casual mode needs no explanation, of course, although it's worth pointing out you can switch between Casual and Normal difficulties on the fly.

You can check out Haemimont Games' full post-launch roadmap right here for an idea of some of the new features to come, which includes stuff like free DLC and the upcoming Motorhead Through The Ages update in which Victor Vran teams up with Motorhead because why the heck not? Also on its way is an update that'll introduce local co-op, which is always nice. Have a look at our take on Victor Vran right here.

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