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Scream, Dracula, Scream! Victor Vran Out Of Early Access

Demon-hunting action-RPG

When our John wanted to click on monsters until they exploded in showers of pennies, blades, and garments, Adam pointed him towards Victor Vran [official site]. The demon-hunting action-RPG had only just launched into Steam Early Access, but John dug it. Unhelpfully, he didn't leave snappy soundbites like "it blew me away" or "it murdered its way into my heart" - would it kill you, John? - so just trust me on that if you're too lazy to read his impressions yourself.

Anyway, Victor Vran left Early Access and properly launched today, presumably making it even better. Big updates are still planned for the future, though.

Though the game may now be properly out and everything, developers Haemimont Games (yes, the Tropico lot) still plan to add fairly big features in free updates and free DLC. Their plans include support for local co-op multiplayer, wizard-style monster-slaying through tomes (including - groan - The Nekonomicon and Fifty Shades of Slay), a new map, and daily challenges.

They're working on expansion too, but won't have anything more to say about that until the Gamescom show in August.

Victor Vran is £14.39 on Steam and £14.49 on GOG (though, in the UK at least, it does comes with a couple of quid in GOG credit for future purchases to make up for regional pricing differences). Have a launch trai- HEY! I know that monster-hunting voice!

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