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Victor Vran Vannounced: Vatch Veaser Vrailer Vere

"Grab your hammer, sword, rifle or mortar" says the teaser trailer for Victor Vran [official site], the newly-announced action-RPG from Haemimont (the clever chappies behind the Tropico games). Mortar? A bit impractical for close-quarters combat, but almost certainly packing more killing potential than a teeny little hammer.

Haemimont are promising that their action RPG will place emphasis on the action side of the equation, and the trailer does seem to involve rather more mobility and dodging about than the last few lootguzzlers I played.

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Victor Vran promises a "fresh perspective" on the genre through the use of equipment and special moves that have a more drastic change on combat and gameplay than the largely invisible tweaking of numbers. As you may have noticed from the trailer, jumping is also a thing you can do here. It's funny to think that "jumping" can be an innovation in a game genre, but then we have endured a long trend of games robbing us of our innate ability to jump.

The game's been in development for some time now - it was shown off behind closed doors at Gamescom last year - and is promised for later this year, with a Steam Early Access version to be made available in the run-up to full release.

If you're into websites containing a few high-res pictures, the official site may be of interest. Others may want to wishlist the Steam page so as to keep an eye on Victor Vran. A third option is just to remember about this game! You will require at least a Level Three Recall ability.

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