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Warpips gets new units and maps with Reinforcement update

And is still a nice game

Warpips is Command & Conquer flattened onto a horizontal plane. The result is a strategy game you can play in short bursts, with all of the decision-making about what to build and when to push and none of the fiddliness. I like it a lot, and its early access build has just received a new update adding new maps and units.

The game's Reinforcements update adds a bunch: night time variants of all maps, homing rockets, a new anti-vehicle turret, new enemies including a minigun-wielding boss, and three new maps. As early access releases go, Warpips wasn't light on content to begin with, and only intends to be 6 months before hitting final release.

Alongside the update, developers Skirmish Mode put out a roadmap for future additions to come. It includes more items, helicopters, and eventually new game modes. It's light on detail, though.

I'll be honest, I'm writing this post mostly to remind you - or alert you - that Warpips exists. It's a neat tug-of-war strategy game where you need to survive attack waves and push on to overwhelm your enemy, and each mission can be completed in around ten minutes. There are tutorials, but it's easy enough to get into that I started playing without them.

It's rare that a strategy game grabs me these days, and even rare that it's one that's easy to get into and quick to play. Plus it's 34% off on Steam at the moment so you can pick it up for £6.59/€7.91.

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