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Webbed, an adorable platformer about being a spider, is out next month

Spin webs, ride skateboards

I've had one eye on Webbed for a while, because if you take your eyes off a spider, that's when it scurries away. Instead, it's scurried closer: the platformer in which you play a web-slinging, skateboarding, top-hat wearing spider now has a September 9th release. There's a new trailer below.

Isn't this just adorable? I'm more excited about this than I am the flash cyberpunk world of Stray. That's mostly down to my love of grappling hooks, and spiders being nature's grapplers. It seems like you'll be using your web to swing, to gain momentum, to drag objects, and to string webs together to make ad hoc platforms. Ya know, spider stuff.

I like also that you'll be doing some of these things while riding on a skateboard and wearing a top hat, and using your powers to fix giant antbots. The game's story involves saving your boyfriend from "a big mean bowerbird", and it looks like you'll be travelling across a large world and collecting powers and collectibles on the journey. The moment when the map appeared on screen in the trailer above immediately made me think of Yoku's Island Express, which is only a good thing.

The game's Steam page also mentions that you can dance with other bugs and that some will help you. If I can be a spider who leads an ant army, this will be game of the year.

Webbed will launch on Steam, GOG and Humble next month. Its official site is at webbed.website, and well done for that.

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