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What are we all playing this Easter weekend?


Hello, reader dear! Easter means most of us have a four-day weekend, so we'll mostly be quiet until Tuesday. Alice Bee will be with you on Friday, mind, and have the run of the RPS treehouse to put her feet up where she pleases and scarf the best biscuits. But what do you plan to do with all this extra leisure time? Here's what we're playing this weekend!

Alice Bee
I'm still having a fun, chill (if not exactly chilling) time in Ghostwire: Tokyo. It's basically a map clearing game with ghosts, and the map itself is a very cool digi-Tokyo. I'm into it.

Hel-lo Norco

I'm hoping to be outside for much of the weekend (today, hiking in the Borders!) but do want to get into Norco. And I still need to finish the latest small horror game from two-person Japanese team Chilla's Art, about the spooky evening shift in a Starbucks.

is on hols.

Ed's recent supporter post about Elden Ring exhaustion is starting to ring true. At first, I wasn't sure what would fill that void, but then I heard about Phasmophobia's new VR overhaul. While it doesn't sound like anything dramatic, it's a good excuse to get out the Rift S and spend the weekend screaming and crying.

I might get some Deep Rock Galactic practice in before Season 2 launches later in the month. Personally I never liked the robotic baddies they added in Season 1 - they're too durable for how numerous they are, and unlike the fleshy bugs there's no satisfying response when you get a hit in. But the comedy potential for S2's new, dwarf-kidnapping bot is enough to keep my interest up; I hope getting snatched triggers the same half-hearted "Nooooooo" voiceline that plays midway through a long fall.

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I finally started playing Anno: Mutationem last week, a game whose demo last year left me a little bit cold, but whose mix of gorgeous 2D sprites and 3D cyberpunk worlds have kept it on my radar regardless. I'm pleased to report the final game is much improved from that initial demo, so I'll likely carry on playing that, while also fretting about packing for PAX East next week. Expect a belated review... soon.

More Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga for ol' Liam this long weekend, I reckon. The prequel trilogy is a woeful introduction to what is - potentially - one of the best Star Wars games I've played in a good long while. It's very simple, though. There's nothing here I'd describe as mechanically interesting or particularly innovative but that's OK, I think? I'm enjoying hoovering up glowing bricks and being whisked briskly through micro versions of (some) films that mean as much to me as an adult as they did when I was a kid. It's good!

I'm still not sure whether I love or despise The Cycle: Frontier. But I sure do seem to keep on playing it in my free time. I think it's mainly because of the atmosphere. And the rain. My god, the rain is good. I could stand out in the rain all day long. At least I would, if I weren't liable to get struck by lightning or sniped in the head at a moment's notice.

With impeccable timing, I've decided to kick off my holiday with my first ever confirmed bout of Covid! Yes, at least Day One of my planned 10-day break will be spent in isolation awaiting the all-clear. Before you go feeling too sorry for me, rest assured that I'm leveraging this for sympathy points from my partner (who's somehow avoided my plague), and have basically forsworn all strenuous household activities in the name of speedy recuperation, which coincidentally looks a lot like curling up with my Switch playing the Danganronpa Decadence Collection while drinking endless mugs of honey & lemon.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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