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What are we all playing this long weekend?


The benefits of monarchy are few and far between, but you do sometimes get a bonus public holiday to 'celebrate' them clinging onto the cushy job their dad gave them. Here in the UK, the four-day Platinum Jubilee weekend has just begun, meaning we here at RPS will be mostly quiet from Thursday until Monday. What are you playing this long weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

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Alice Bee
The 6k jigsaw I'm doing in Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams continues apace. I usually manage to make two connections in every lunchtime session but one time this week I managed four. I'm feeling good about putting some time in at the weekend.

Of all the games to play first on a shiny new PC, somehow I've ended up on... Watch Dogs 2? Maybe having a window in my computer (not by choice) to watch my GeForce's LEDs rotate through the colours of the rainbow (not my choice) gave me an urge to HACK THE PLANET.

is away!

is away!

I found time to start Destiny 2 again last week. I'm now both hooked and confused. I spend most of my time wombling around planets just hoping that I'm doing something right. I've definitely cleared some missions from an old expansion, but occasionally it likes to chuck new stuff at me when I load up the game. It's very disorientating, that's for sure. With 4 days off to explore further, surely my Guardian can accomplish something... right?

A little witch outside her hut in the woods in a Little Witch in the Woods screenshot.
Isn't she just!

After reading Alice Bee's supporter post on it, I'm pretty much sold on Little Witch In The Woods. I don't normally go in for life sims but sometimes you just want to peace out for four days doing nowt but chibi witch things, ya know?

is away!

My jubilee weekend will mainly be spent doing lots of big salutes while staring at the back (front?) of a pound coin, but other than that I'll occupy my time with less important things like Breath Of The Wild and Vampire Survivors.

I only just realised that the upcoming Bolivar Update for Humankind is already playable in beta, so I've started a new game as the Egyptians-turned-Persians, where I'm currently trying to bully my nearest rivals off the continent we share. It's going pretty well so far, barring a minor setback where my hunting party of two scouts was somehow slaughtered by a lone deer. I mean, seriously. Was this deer secretly the Regal Ancestor Spirit from Elden Ring or something?

is away!

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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