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What are we all playing this weekend?


Happy Save The Frogs Day, everyone! May all your frogs be safe. Apparently it's also Scream In Your Car Day? Oh god, please be careful when driving past ponds. Anyway, what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on.

Alice Bee
I'm tooling around with Buildings Have Feelings Too, which is sort of a puzzle game about building city infrastructure where all the buildings have legs and stand around bitching about the smell from the butchers two buildings down. I'm not sure what I think of it, to be honest...

I'm sacking off Destiny 2's boring Notolympics for some real sports. Last weekend I cycled 50 miles in one blast, my longest yet, and I'm looking at 60 next. Hoping to crank out 100 later this year. Though I am enjoying Isaac: Repentance's many secret characters. The real heart of the expansion, that lot.

While some games will occasionally have me exhaling through my nostrils, I'm rarely chuckling away to myself when I have a controller in my hands. So, I'll definitely be giving Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion a look after reading Alice's review. Make me laugh, vegetable people!

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Verdansk has been blown into the 1980s so I'm obliged to drop into the Warzone once again to sample all the new changes. NieR Replicant is also on the menu, so I can listen that sublime soundtrack while drifting on the back of a boar.

I'm not going to play a game this weekend, realistically, but if I do I hope it is soothing and colourful.

I've been playing loads of D&D recently which has inspired me to give Baldur's Gate 3 a go. I like it so far! Isometric stuff isn't usually my sort of thing, but because I already roughly know how the systems work, I'm finding it quite easy to get into. I also plan on starting up a new farm on Stardew Valley this weekend to teach my sister how to play.

I'm going to go on a digital detox this weekend. By 'digital detox' I of course mean going outside a few times before jumping into Warzone's 1984 version of Verdansk, with all the extremely exciting new locations. You don't understand how long I've waited for this to be honest.

Artwork of the Baker Family from Resident Evil 7, showing a zombie family sitting round a dining room table with plates of gore and mouldy food stuffs.
Hello Katharine, I hope you're hungry

I finished Desperados 3 last week (what an ending!) so now I've got to find my next 'big game' to play again. Will it be Nier Replicant or should I carry on my playthrough of Resident Evil 7 so I'm ready for Village? Maybe I'll just spend the entire weekend playing Dorfromantik again in a fit of indecision. All will be revealed... next week.

I'll probably play out the next section of the Gigaknight legacy in Crusader Kings 3 this weekend, but beyond that I'm undecided. Keep meaning to play some Gears 5 with Matthew off of the podcast, so maybe this'll be the weekend I make it happen.

A new OpenDev scenario for Humankind was released yesterday, so I'm probably going to spend much of my weekend staring at some of the most beautiful landscapes in any strategy game. And maybe killing a few mammoths and starting a few wars to boot.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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