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What are we all playing this weekend?


Apparently in the UK May is National Walking Month, neatly coinciding with me being in a tiny village with no wired internet, where the chief entertainment is "going for a walk." Well, I refuse. You can't make me, dammit. Instead I shall stay as inside-sitting-still as possible, and play games while ignoring my mum periodically coming in to tell me I'm going to get blood clots because that's the sort of thing she routinely does.

Let's find out what the rest of the cheery ol' RPS gang are playing this weekend, eh? I predict a few mentions of Resident Evil Village.

Alice Bee
As I am still in, ugh, the countryside, I have only my MacBook for company, which means I will be trawling through new game lists for things that are playable on that (suggestions welcome).

Alice0 is away.

While the ending of Resident Evil Village left a hilarious taste in my mouth, I might as well go back and give Mercenaries a proper go. You do a lot of shooting during the campaign, but what's a few more bullets, eh?

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After an intense time with Residen Evil Village, I'm likely returning to the slightly more relaxed atmosphere of Valheim. That is, if I don't get slapped by an annoying little goblin that happens to be more powerful than a massive troll.

I noped out of Resident Evil 8 after 40 minutes, not out of fear but out of frustration. I've instead started playing Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, which is a mellow good time so far. I'm going to spend the weekend fucking up more snails.

The old PS2 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance game got a surprise rerelease this week, so that's the first (and likely only) thing I'll be doing this weekend. It's such a good old RPG! And one of the very first I ever played. I'm very excited.

This weekend, I'll be recovering from my exit from Rock Paper Shotgun. It's been a hell of a ride. When my eyes are clear I'll hop into Hearthstone to reminisce about the olden days, and possibly try out some indies I've had my eye on for a while. HitchHiker and Spiritfarer have been awaiting, so maybe now is the time.

Artwork of the Baker Family from Resident Evil 7, showing a zombie family sitting round a dining room table with plates of gore and mouldy food stuffs.
Hello Katharine, I hope you're (still) hungry

I will probably be doing an insane flip-flop between Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village this weekend. I didn't manage to finish 7 in time for Village, but I've been doing little bits here and there in between hanging out with the tall vampire lady a lot this week and it's weirdly therapeutic going back and forth. I can look at the Baker family now and think, "Aww, Ethan, you have no idea how quaint these mould monsters are going to feel in a year's time, you big silly scaredy pants, you!"

I finally got to take my daughter to Crocodiles Of The World last weekend, where she absolutely fell in love with the concept of komodo dragons, and reptiles in general (turtles are "just so nice", I'm told). Every night after dinner, she insists I show her a full hour of YouTube clips featuring massive reptiles, which has both made me glow with pride, and given me a fierce urge to get back on Planet Zoo. So that's what I'll do, along with some more Ring Of Pain, which has a new update and has thus sucked me right back in.

Obviously I'll be playing Apex Legends. Season 9 is wonderful. Arenas is wonderful. Apex is wonderful. You wouldn't think any of that was true if you heard my cussing after losing a round, but it's all true. I also just yesterday discovered the delights of Dorfromantik, a peaceful town-building puzzle game. It's like some sort of lovely sweet-smelling balm that you can massage into your psyche to remove all the stress and anxiety of the day. Which is very much needed after a good long Apex session.

Huh. Less Resi 8 than I expected, in the end. But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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