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What are we all playing this weekend?


Alright, this is it, the first kinda-E3 weekend. While the big show doesn't begin until next Saturday, a few pre-E3 gameblasts are on today. See our E3 schedule for more on them and so, so, so much else. But those are futuregames; which nowgames are you playing this weekend?

Alice Bee
Everyone's talking about this Dorfromantik business. I feel like I'm missing out on something, which will not do at all. So I'm going to take a crack at it this weekend.

Might try Tell Me Why now that it's free. I liked the first Life Is Strange an awful lot but never played any of the others, or this. I'm up for a bit of Alaska to take a break from the sweltering Scottish summer after my weekend ride. Honestly, it's intolerable. Almost saw the sun yesterday.

is ???

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is away!

Slipways came out this past week, and I am looking forward to building beautiful trade networks among the stars. I also want to try out the battling bug mechs of Stonefly, though I fear it won't live up to how nice it is to look at.

Mass Effect: complete. Mass Effect 2: engage. I'm about halfway through the sequel, absolutely beasting through loyalty missions. It's starting to give me options to flirt with all my squadmates now and good lord I forgot how much of a cringefest that could be. Uh, not quite cringey enough to stop me, however.

Miranda's loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2, the squad are aiming their guns at a trecherous dude.
Still making the same decisions though, eh Imogen?Image credit: EA

Having finally finished the horrors of Resident Evil Village last weekend, I'm now planning a hard pivot to the altogether friendlier village overtones of Animal Crossing 'em up Hokko Life (complemented, of course, by my usual morning cup of tea routine with old Dorfromantik). It's going to be a nice chill calm before the E3 storm.

Drawing a blank on games for this weekend, except the usual monstrous regime of AoE2 training... maybe this is when I take the plunge and go full Obra Dinn, as suggested by my podmates?

My brother and I have just bought an Oculus Quest 2. Took some setting up, but my body is so ready to spend a weekend doing nothing but dancing around bashing coloured cubes with elegant weapons from a more civilized age.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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