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What are we all playing this weekend?


This week rings in more changes, as we are joined by our new pal Rebecca Jones! Rebecca is our new guides writer, and has recently been doing fabulous work over on VG 247. In fact it was so good that we nabbed her for the treehouse. Although really the only thing I care about is that she likes The Sims 4. Everything else can go hang. Look out for more of Rebecca around the place, as well as a fuller fanfare for her later down the line.

Meanwhile, there's games out there for the playing. We're all over the place this week. And every week, amirite?

Alice Bee
Playing the Watch Dogs: Legion DLC has reignited my passion for hacktivism, so I'm either going to play more Legion OR possibly even go back to Watch Dogs 2 to make eyes at Wrench in his glory days.

Alice0 is away.

Watch on YouTube

Colm has been fired and/or is working on some new Indies Uncovered videos for PAX!

I've created a little Lalafell character in Final Fantasy XIV called Mister Onions because his hair is shaped like an onion. In the words of Persil Bio washing tabs, he's small but mighty. Or soon to be mighty, I just need to spend thousands of hours getting him to max level. Other than working on that, I'll be watching the football come home on Sunday.

Imogen is away

Screenshot of rural country town scenes in Dorfromantik
Some lovely Dorf for Katharine

It's a double decker sandwich of Monster Hunter: Rise and Dorfromantik for me this weekend, with maybe a dollop of Mass Effect Legendary Edition on the side if I can manage it. Those monster steaks are so very filling...

Since I finally went back and finished Dishonored, this may be the weekend to push on with the story - can't decide whether to go straight to the sequel, or play the two pieces of DLC which I insisted on the podcast were called Captain Stabbo and The Witches of Eastwick.

Yesterday I tried out Muck with the fellas after seeing it was free to play and, so far, well-received. It's a survival crafting game released last month made by a popular YouTuber I'd never heard of until now. It's very silly, but sometimes brilliantly so. However, that's probably not what we'll be playing this weekend. After playing it for a bit, we decided it shared several similarities to Risk Of Rain 2. And then we realised that we'd never actually played Risk Of Rain 2 in co-op together. So we'll probably end up doing that instead.

The first week at a new job is always full-on, even if you're having an amazing time, so I'm choosing not to overload my down-time plans for the weekend. Mainly I think I'll be on my Switch, attending Saturday's Summer Fishing Tourney in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and then rocking out at the K.K. Slider show on Sunday.

But you, reader, you naughty little quiche, what are you playing this weekend?

[Side note: the header image is Frostbitten Sun by Gustave Doré. I was intending to find a nice illustration of a pretty sun or stars but I fell in love with this dismal, grim fellow when I saw him]

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