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What are we all playing this weekend?


The weather has broken in spectacular style, with a lot of huge thunderstorms. Portentious indeed! Fortunately this weekend the only things I can see in our future are a buncha fun video games. Wahey!

Alice Bee
This weekend will either be more fun with demonic portals in Unbound: Worlds Apart, or a dip into Cris Tales, which I loved during demos and haven't had a chance to play yet. Or, then again, I might pop back into Tribes Of Midgard to see what full servers do for it. Also we saved up and got a PS5 with that fancy Ratchet & Clank game. Decisions, decisions!

Alice0 is away.

I will likely be delving into Xbox Game Pass, this weekend. I'm really interested in checking out that Omno. It looks absolutely delightful.

In a bizarre turn of events, I've dipped into Sea Of Thieves with a few friends and it's been quite fun. I thought its slow-burn sailing wouldn't satisfy my cravings for violence, but I was wrong - PVP battles are very stressful! When not on the ocean, I'll be watching the Olympic badminton. As a keen player and massive fan, I'll be cheering on my favourites.

I'm in an absolute gaming slump, tbh. I just want something to play with my mates that's a bit more chill than Valorant, but also that isn't a survival game like Valheim. People keep suggesting MMOs, and I keep refusing, so I'll probably just play Stardew Valley this weekend until I cave and get New World.

A screenshot of a hunter eating a plate of bunny dango next to her dog-like Palamute and cat-like Palico in Monster Hunter Rise
A master of monsties... and delicious food!

I'm visiting family this weekend, so there won't be much time to play games unfortunately. I will probably take my Switch and carry on biffing beasties in Monster Hunter Rise, though, as I'm finally onto the big tough boys now, who we all know make the very best dino pants.

Nate has been fired.

During my week-long holiday I fell utterly, hopelessly in love with Horizon Zero Dawn. I know, I'm very late to the party. If only someone had told me that this game is genuinely the greatest open-world action-adventure game ever made! Oh, that's right, they did. Constantly. Look, I was busy, alright? I'm here now. What more do you want?

I'm a massive fan of all things Sherlock Holmes, so of course I've been all over the long-awaited English-language release of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles this week. I've been waiting for these games for so long that I played the first Phoenix Wright title just to tide me over, and went and got all invested in the main series too; so as you can imagine, my free time right now is heavily Ace Attorney-themed. I've got a fairly busy weekend ahead, but I'm hoping to squeeze in a little more outlandish steampunk anime crime solving if I can.

But you, reader, you moist precipitation, what are you playing this weekend?

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