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What are we all playing this weekend?


Today I got a box of fruit and veg that included cherries, blueberries, red cabbage, a huge marrow and a cucumber of a thoroughly indecent shape. It seems this weekend will bring an unholy salad of some description. But you know what else it will bring? That's right, my friends: video games!

Alice Bee
This weekend there will be EVEN MORE Back 4 Blood because it's the open beta, which I assume means that a bunch more of you will be playing. I'm sorry if I accidentally run into you and you are shocked by how sweary my swearing at zombs is.

Alice0 is away.

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The Ascent, but exclusively in first-person mode. I need to see all those neon signs up close.

I'm going to give Hollow Knight a tickle this weekend, but I know a big beetle's going to punch me back quite hard. And that's likely it for me, as it demands every ounce of my energy. Oh, and I've started watching The Good Place; seems alright so far. Cheers.

Back 4 Blood! New Apex Legends season! Assassin's Creed DLC! I have many things to keep me entertained... and I will absolutely just spend the whole weekend shooting zombos. Some classic gory fun.

Promotional art of Seer, an Apex Legends character.
That new Apelegs hero Seer, what has been ruining the meta recently

It's back on the road for more family visits this weekend, but I hope to squeeze in some more Back 4 Blood with the gang today, as well as my usual morning routine of tea and Dorfromantik. I've had a string of great high scores recently, and I'm determined to break 20,000 points this month. It's gonna happen, I can feel it.

Bit of a biggun this weekend, as I've got a RimWorld playthrough on the go, plus there's the new Dawn Of The Dukes expansion for AoE2 to get my big rusty teeth into.

Bouncing between different competitive FPS games is never a good idea. I've recently found myself trying to open portals in Apex Legends, and slide-jump across the map in Splitgate - neither to great effect. But it doesn't look like I'm going to stop playing either of them any time soon, so I guess this torment will continue!

Ever have one of those weekends where everything suddenly happens at once? Somehow I've got to pack for my upcoming house move, attend my baby cousin's birthday party, recover from my second Pfizer jab, get my hands on some swag for Free Comic Book Day, and break the digital seal on my long-anticipated copy of Boyfriend Dungeon. All of these are, I'm sure you'll agree, of equal importance and it's impossible to establish priority here.

But you, reader, you ill-advised pairing of savoury and sweet, what are you clicking on this weekend?

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