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What are we all playing this weekend?


Hello, and welcome to quasi-autumn! Heretical adherents of meteorological autumn will tell you that we are now in leaftime. They are, as the name suggests, heretics. Astronomical autumn doesn't start until the 22nd, and are you honestly telling me you're done with summer? This summer? This short summer? I do like autumn with its crinkles and cocoa and cardigans, but don't you take time away from precious summer. I'll swap you December 1st-21st for these three weeks, you can extend autumn out the back if you must. Oh, but in the meantime, please do tell me what you're playing this weekend.

Alice Bee
I think I shall play the demo for Strange Horticulture several million times over. You run your plant shop and write labels for your plants, and you have a cat, and it is raining outside. Oh yes.

With a sunrise swim today, mate, I'm going back to bed. Then I'll get back up for Destiny 2 because I'm digging Season Of The Lost. Bungie finally introducing Savathûn as a character we meet could have been a let-down in so many ways, yet meeting the witch queen as a talking crystal cocoon is somehow really good? She's going to break so many hearts.

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is on holiday!

More Cyberpunk 2077 for me, and you know what? I'm having a really good time with it. My friends and I are also going back to Divinity: Original Sin 2. We're approaching the final island, which I can only assume is littered with fire slugs.


I (finally) finished my playthrough of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance this week and now I'm itching to break out the PS2 to play the sequel. I did promise my partner we'd play a co-op game of his choice next though. So... I hope he chooses Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2. Otherwise we'll probably fall into the usual weekend ritual of playing Valorant non-stop.

I'm designated-driving to a wedding this weekend, so will spend much of it getting off my face on Diet Cokes. Still, I want to carve out some time to finish another Fallout: New Vegas playthrough, which will mainly involve the Lonesome Road DLC. I remember this being oppressively difficult and utterly bleak, but it seems fitting to follow the happiest day of someone else's life with the most miserable day of my Courier's.

Golfmurder in a Fallout: New Vegas screenshot.
Ain't that a kick in the FORE!head

It's another family road trip special for me this weekend, oh the joy, but I hope to catch up with Psychonauts 2 when we get home tomorrow, and maybe squeeze in a bit more Bravely Default 2. I've been playing lots of small indie games recently and I've missed the splendour of having a big shiny blockbuster to tool about in - and so far, Psychonauts 2 is fitting that bill superbly.

is ? ? ?

I've started a new game of Humankind because I realised I was so far ahead in terms of score that the AI would never catch up. Now I'm on the next hardest difficulty level and I'm being forced to think more strategically. Someone evidently taught the AI how to build up a military between this game and the previous one.

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But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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