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What are we all playing this weekend?


I thought the air would be cleared by the tremendous thunderstorm that rattled my windows this week, but no. We are still all muggy. This is the worst of between times, where it is not quite warm enough to go without a hoody or a light cardigan, but definitely not cool enough that your t-shirt doesn't get stuck to both your back and your rucksack because of the sweat. Even though the rucksack said it had a special 'moisture wicking' bit of material on it to avoid this situation. WELL! I shall just cast my rucksack down this weekend and play games instead.

Alice Bee
I think I'm probably going to have a butchers at the full whack of Lost In Random. I really took to it at preview, and would like to spend time with Dicey on my own terms.

Now that American Truck Simulator has pulled into Wyoming, I shall be exploring the sights and (relatively few?) sounds of the USA's least populous and least densely populated state. With its nickname being 'the cowboy State' and its state dinosaur the triceratops, I have high hopes for roadside landmarks and curios.

Cover image for YouTube videoAmerican Truck Simulator: Wyoming DLC

is still on holiday!

New World is back on the menu boys, and I will be stuffing my face. Probably with ore and logs because its crafting in the closed beta was extremely tasty.

I haven't played an MMO since Old School RuneScape was just RuneScape, but I'm going to try out the New World beta this weekend. The issue is that I don't really like MMOs, but I kinda wanna see what all the fuss is about. Inevitably, I will end up playing Valorant to try out the new map instead.

I’ve taken a month off Apex Legends because I was, quite frankly, scared of new guy Seer’s clearly broken wallhack powers. Hopefully enough people have become bored with him that I can start playing again, he said, shortly before being seen through a wall like that’s even fair.

A group of players in Bloodhunt stands together on a rooftop and looks towards a burning building in the distance.
Bloodhunt? Bloodhunt!

After weeks of travelling to various family meet-ups, this is the first weekend in ages where I don't actually have to go anywhere. Thank goodness. As such, I plan to load up on all the cool video games I've missed. The Artful Escape is high up on my list, as is Road 96, Psychonauts 2 and Tales Of Arise. Video games are well good, aren't they?

I'll likely be playing more Bloodhunt this weekend. For some reason it wasn't quite capturing me in the way that it did when I played the closed alpha back in July - but then I realised all I needed was a stonking win under my belt. Such a win has now been stonked, and now I'm really looking forward to more leaping across rooftops, biting necks, and tommy-gunning vampires in the back.

is also still on holiday!

But you reader, you warm crackle in the air, what are you playing this weekend?

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