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What are we all playing this weekend?


Friday comes around once again, dear reader, and on this particular Friday you find us a much diminished team, since by hook, crook, or coincidence almost all the rooms in the treehouse are empty. A shock indeed. There are at least a few of us left, walking up and down the halls looking for something to do. Maybe we'll find some games to play! Who knows? It is my eternal hope, at least.

Alice Bee
I'm still having a few pokes around Death's Door. Crows are, of course, very cool. I'm enjoy how it's sort of like Dark Souls, but kind of cute? I dunno. I'm having a bit of trouble weapon switching to my bow still, but that's on me. Plus, I really like what happens when you hit the wooden place signs. I'm also tempted by Solar Ash, which looks like the right kind of combination of fun and weird.

Alice0 is on holiday.

Ed is on holiday.

Cover image for YouTube videoSOLAR ASH | Release Date Trailer

As Warzone Pacific looms on the horizon, I’m really looking to wind down and take a short break from the big shooters. I’ve run across countless battlefields and heard the call of duty far too many times in the past few weeks, that’s for sure. My plan for the weekend, then: wrap up in a lovely, warm blanket (I’ve been trying to kick a cold all week, so the blanket is definitely necessary), drink lots of hot chocolate (again, necessary), and dive into some indies that are on my radar. The vibrant skating of Solar Ash has me intrigued, but I’m also tempted to enter the bullet hell of Archvale. The trailers don’t make either game seem particularly relaxing, but I’m hoping they’re different enough from COD to be the palette cleansers I so desperately need.

Imogen is on holiday.

James is on holiday.

I've been meaning to play it for ages, but this weekend I'm finally going to sit down with Unsighted. It's a top-down, pixel art Metroidvania I've only heard excellent things about, and I can't wait to get stuck in. Expect more thoughts next week.

Ollie is away.

A bloody face and a scary temple in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of Ashes.
House Of Ashes? More like House Of Blood

My dilemma for this weekend is which part of my body I want to destroy out of love for a video game. I already have a permanent sore throat from doing all the voices in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and the heartbeat QTEs in the House Of Ashes Curator's Cut are giving me palpitations from sheer tension. Whoever said gaming isn't a physically demanding hobby clearly just didn't get as invested in their characters as I do.

See? Told you we were an empty nest. But you, dear reader, you unrolled sleeping bag, what are you playing this weekend?

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