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What are we all playing this weekend?


This weekend I am looping the Assault On Precinct 13 theme to build the plodding determination I will need to survive the impending NFT bonanza. I do take some comfort in the fact that NFTs are so unpopular that Riot had scramble to cover after accidentally suggesting a Valorant character liked NFTs. And I especially enjoyed Yanis Varoufakis explaining why the metacryptofungiverse sucks. But more and more companies are talking about NFTs and things will get worse, and I'll need the energy I can only get from Precinct 13 (and the amazing unused Jimmy Chambers song based on it).

But the terrible future can wait, what are you playing this weekend?

Alice Bee
I'm going to take a look at that there Vampire Survivors. It seems to be very popular, and I want to know what the hype is. It's a tough sell because I am very pro-vampire under normal circumstances, but exploding thousands of little bat sprites looks very satisfying. The art suggests to me that there might be a kind of Dracula 2001 (aka Dracula 2000 to Americans, which makes way more sense) stance towards ridiculous gothic horror, so I'm into that.

I've about finished my time with Vampire Survivors for now, and it's been good! A good deal of fun for £2. I look forward to it adding new stuff. Meanwhile in Fallout 4, I've accidentally bumbled into advancing the main plot and oh no these faction politics are really boring. Quick Alice, escape back into the ruined skyscrapers.

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I'll play more Eastward, probably, as I'm soaking it all in at a snail's pace. Might even go back to Cyberpunk 2077 and attempt some of the other endings, maybe crack on with all the gigs I missed. Truthfully, I am in the Elden Ring waiting room. There's a guy called Patches in here, who keeps asking me if I'd like to head down this hole he's dug. He claims a copy of the game is down there, but I don't believe him.

Ooooh yeah, this is the weekend I've been waiting for. Pokémon Legends Arceus just arrived. The first few episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina are out now. Time to wrap up warm, catch 'em all, and enjoy some wild cartoon action. I've managed to avoid most trailers for Legends Arceus, so I'm going into this one relatively blind, which is a refreshing change of pace. Oshawott is the only one of Hisui's cross-generation crew of starters that I haven't used previously, so I think it's going to take the top spot in my party. Cyndaquil is tempting, though. That fiery little mouse is just too cute.

Kratos holds his son's arm in a screenshot from God of War's PC edition.
Father and Boy.

I could tell last week that Rainbow Six Extraction won't have much staying power in my life, but it's been enjoyable enough to dip in every few days, so I'll probably get a Tom's Clancy's Quick Sesh in at the weekend. It's the kind of game that lets you big yourself up a bit, outmaneuvering and silently pop-pop-popping aliens, before punishing a single missed shot with your entire squad's swift deaths. Giveth, taketh away, all that good jazz.

The Dad Of War saga continues this weekend, although I've also got Rainy Season queued up after a friend suggested it as another good slice of life game in the vein of The Kids We Were. It's not technically in the Steam Lunar Sale, but it is also less than £3, so why the heck not.

Vampire Survivors is annoyingly good. It appeals to people like me, who want their screens to be clear. I know this about myself, because I despise it when a newly installed program automatically places a new icon on my desktop without asking. I only wish that Windows gave me as many fantastic weapons with which to obliterate those icons as Vampire Survivors does.

My partner got pinged for a Covid exposure yesterday, so we're putting our very modest weekend plans (going to the supermarket and maybe to a park) on hold to do the cautious thing. We both feel okay and are so far testing negative, so my main worry is that we're now going to be spending two days idling with our gaming devices during Steam's Lunar New Year Sale. I fear that this weekend might see me inescapably surrounded by the dozens-if-not-hundreds of unplayed or unfinished games we already own, indulging instead in the completely separate hobby of buying new ones.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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