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What are we all playing this weekend?


I hope you've kept safe through Storm Eunice, reader dear. Several folks in the RPS treehouse lost power on Friday and I know worse is afoot. If you can, tell me, what are you playing this weekend?

Alice Bee
I got Horizon Forbidden West on the ol big white Sony box. I think it's the first physical game release I've gotten for aaaages, and it was a present, too, so I'm looking forwards to rinsing it this weekend, and reading some very thoughtful analysis of it next week.

I'm still playing XCOM 2's Tactical Legacy Pack DLC, after finally picking it up in the recent Steam sale. It's more than I expected. Roguelikelike mini-campaigns, headlined by a series of new wee stories which unlock cosmetics and bits for the main campaign? I'm game.

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I'll be playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 with some co-op pals. We've reached the last isle and I've still not exhausted the spell that turns enemies into chickens. Might take some time away from the screen too, and like, read a book or something. Right now I'm reading To Paradise by Hanya Yanagihara and enjoying it a lot, even if it's relentlessly miserable.

I bounced between Sifu and Dying Light 2 for a bit but didn't manage to beat either, and now I just need a break from everything new. I downloaded Battlefront 2 (2017, not the 2005 original) again and now I know exactly what I want: to run around with a lightsaber and use cool force powers. I think I'll hop into the coop mode with some friends and slice up some droids, but I need to make sure I watch out for those wrist rockets.

A bouncer in Sifu kicks my character in the nads.

is on his hols.

Kratos And Son is still on hold, as Colt And Julianna's Snarkfest Incorporated has really sunk its teeth into me. I'm properly hooked on Deathloop right now. Infused my first gold weapon this week and everything. I also can't get blokey's Ode To Somewhere song out of my brain either. I'm not particularly fond of the song itself, but for some reason I just can't stop whistling and humming it every chance I get...

I'll be bidding a tearful farewell to my computer this weekend, venturing downstairs to begin Horizon Forbidden West. My PS5 has been gathering dust since I entered the RPS treehouse, so it feels only fair to boot it up and play something shiny on it, lest it become sentient and crush me in my sleep. That's a joke about the PS5 being massive. How original.

I reckon I'll play some more Apex Legends, continuing to bask luxuriously in the return of my favourite map, Olympus. Also the new Legend is quite fun, isn't she? Throwing a giant wrecking ball into an enemy player, then using the speed boosts it leaves behind to catch up and blast them in the face with a shotgun... It just screams VIDEOGAME. And I love it.

This weekend I'd quite like to close out my Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney replay — except it's not really a replay any more, because this is actually my first time playing the fifth and final case. It's been a good one though, largely because you get to spend much of it pulling Edgeworth's pigtails, which is both adorable and extremely cathartic after all the time he's spent treating Phoenix (and by extension, me) like an utter moron in cases one through four. Admittedly at times he's had a point, but still. Schadenfreude is the best enfreude, or something like that.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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