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What are we all playing this weekend?


Good morning, pals. I hope you're all having a lovely weekend. A bunch of us are on holiday, or about to go on holiday, and it seems like a lot of that free time is going on Elden Ring. I am still not sure what that ring is but apparently it might as well be a vacuum. Imagine that thoug, imagine if Henry Hoover was a boss in Elden Ring. Modders, get on it.

Alice Bee
I've made a small bit of progress in Elden Ring, which is a polite way of saying I have spent hours wandering around Limgrave, slightly dejected. I might feel in the mood for more punishment, or I might have a crack at some more Horizon Forbidden West. You never know.

Alice0 is on holiday

Surprising absolutely no-one, I'm playing Elden Ring this weekend. I'm still finding new things in the starting area, which is bonkers, considering this is my fourth do-over (thanks to preview and review copies). Presumably, there is an elevator that'll take me to a giant crab kingdom that I've not found yet.

Hayden is on holiday.

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Oh lord. I need to brush on Apex Legends, which I haven't played in forever (two weeks). Then there's a bunch of Horizon Forbidden West side quests that need doing. Then there's Aperture Desk Job, which I was going to skip Alice Bee has sold me on. I'm also weighing up potentially considering the possibility of maybe playing Elden Ring properly, instead of just riding my ghost horse over the same stretch of road forty times for benchmarking purposes.

I'm on holiday next week, so I will be playing ALL the games. In reality, that probably means I'll try playing Elden Ring, get whomped, and then just play FAR: Changing Tides over and over again until I feel better. I've also been meaning to give Diplomacy Is Not An Option a proper go now it's out properly, but will the call of Triangle Strategy on my Switch win me over instead? I will report back in a week's time. Have a good one folks!

Brady, a blue circular robotic AI core, looks at the player character in Aperture Desk Job. Brady is wearing a fake moustache
Aperture Desk Job, a lovely bit of fun | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Valve

Friday gone marked the end of my first month here at RPS, which is wild. Time flies when you're playing an ungodly amount of Elden Ring, I suppose, gobbling it up like a hamster in front of a bowl full of... whatever hamsters eat. Cheese? No wait that's mice, innit. Grapes? Let's go with grapes. Anyway, this weekend I'll be playing a lot of Elden Ring because it's proper good and I can't stop. I've gone to bed all grumpy every night this week because I just want to keep playing it, so I'm looking forward to spending a lazy Saturday in my PJs vanquishing some Grafted nasties. I'm keen to try out Aperture Desk Job, as well. Alice B's write up made me remember just how good Valve are at making games, and as a huge Portal fan I'm excited to spend some time in that familiar world, no matter how brief. Oh, before I leave, hamsters eat grains. I googled it. Bye.

Hilarious of you to think that I'd have moved onto another game after spending a mere 200 hours in Elden Ring.

Rebecca is also on holiday. When did we start letting all these people have time off? What's going on here??

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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