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What are we all playing this weekend?


Hello, reader dear, I do hope you survived the poisson d'avril pranks. Quick, check your back for a paper fish, just in case. We can both pretend we didn't see it. Now you're safe, please tell me: what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on.

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Hel-lo Norco

I finally uninstalled Destiny 2 yesterday, too sick of the grind and chores in a game I otherwise adore, and oh look how much free time I have now! I quite fancy a crack at strange adventure game Norco.

Suddenly, there are too many games. I'm going to chip away at Elden Ring, maybe give Norco a go, perhaps see what Weird West is like. The Thai cave divers documentary called "The Rescue" also beckons. I'm sure that'll be a total de-stressor...

More riggity roleplaying in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands for me! I usually bounce off Borderlands games within the first few hours, but Wonderlands has me hooked. The overworld and encounters system make it feel a lot more streamlined, stripping out the vast, empty open-world spaces so that I can just focus on the best parts. Tina's GM style is wacky quests and explosions galore, and I love it.

The resurgence of Team Fortress 2 in my life continues unabated. I've never been keen on the automated matchmaking so spend almost all my time in the same two community servers, getting to know the other regulars and playing the same small handful of maps on an infinite loop. This is the best way to play multiplayer games, it has been for a decade and a half, and you can't convince me otherwise.

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Yeehaw, it's Weird West time for me! I've been looking forward to this strange immersive sim for actual yonks, so I'll definitely be making some time for it this weekend. I've also yet to finish Tunic, as I got distracted by having a catch-up with my best pals the BB Boys last week, so I should probably get on and put that one to bed as well.

I tried out Death Stranding for the first time earlier this week as research for a video and I... absolutely love it? I can't stop thinking about little Norman Reedus going for some lovely walks and I'm excited to play some more this weekend. If I find any time in-between avoiding spooky ghosts and age rain, I might give Nightmare Reaper a try based on Ed's excellent write up. A DOOM inspired FPS with rogue-like elements? Sign me up!

I've found myself wanting to spend a solid few hours with Core Keeper lately. I played a tiny bit of it the other day and enjoyed my time with it. I like games that start your world off very small and give you the ability to manually extend those boundaries bit by bit, in this case by digging out in all directions to find caves, ruins, and other interesting things. It's part of why I enjoyed Oxygen Not Included so much.

I'm at that stage of getting over a heavy cold where you're suddenly full of energy and keep pushing yourself to the point of relapse. But the return of the ability to speak without rasping into a coughing fit (mostly) does at least mean that my partner and I can resume playing visual novels together! Last night we visited our current playthrough of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles for the first time in 10 days and realised we've entirely forgotten what's going on. So, err, good luck to us in court this weekend, I guess.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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