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What are we all playing this weekend?


NotE3 2022 is in full swing, with another half-dozen trailer-o-ramas going on this weekend. See our E3 2022 schedule for all that. So far, I'm most excited by Skate Story, which isn't a huge endorsement for the marketing extravaganza considering we've known about that sk8 into Hell for years now. But, enough about the future and the past. What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
This weekend I will spend my evenings playing "watch some recycled trailers and avoid discourse over what the definition of 'wholesome' is", but I might have some time during the day to check back in with Little Witch In The Woods, which is proving very restful.

Intense wizard violence in a screenshot from top-down shooter 20 Minutes Till Dawn.
Wizard violence.

More 20 Minutes Till Dawn for me please, thank you. And... maybe some more of a game I can't tell you about for another few hours. But probably not more of that. Ugh. You'll see.

I spotted Pierre Vandermaesen's minimalist strategy RPG Tinyfolks on Steam earlier this week, and now I've got its soundtrack full of pumping 8-bit bangers stuck in my head, so I'll be giving that a go. I've got a hankering for playing a point-and-click adventure too, so I might go back to Unavowed now Wadjet Eye's Old Skies has reminded me I never finished it. Other than that, I'm probably going to be sleeping a lot between covering not-E3 showcases!

is in America for those there video games.

Other than sleeping lots to recover from Thursday night's Geoff Fest, I'm unexpectedly eager to jump into The Quarry. It wasn't on my radar initially because the Dark Pictures games were a little too serious, but hearing that The Quarry is more like Until Dawn is making me all kinds of excited. I'm ready to laugh, cry, and fuck up QTEs that make me die.

I've been firing up Forza Horizon 5 again, initially just for monitor testing before remembering that oh yeah, flinging hypercars off volcanoes is Fun Actually. I've also claimed my dream unlock, the Windows XP shutdown noise horn sound, though since none of my friends play as well I'm denied the chance to hit them with a Dah-Nah-nuh-Nuhhhh on an overtake.

I will be playing that eternally fun game of 'watching every single notE3 stream' this weekend. Not gonna lie, Geoff Fest was a little underwhelming on Thursday, but I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing what Xbox, Bethesda and the PC Gaming Show have got up their sleeve in their back to back marathon session tomorrow. I'm also hoping to spot some more cool indies during the Guerrilla Collective later on, too. We'll be liveblogging all of the Sunday conferences, so come, join us! We can gasp and groan as one united hivemind from 6pm BST. Hope to see you there.

is away!

Watch on YouTube

The Cycle: Frontier is out now, and I'm very excited to dive back into its harsh, beautiful, rainy worlds; scavenge some resources; snipe some unsuspecting fellow prospectors; and extract with my vital organs intact. That's the plan, at least. The reality may end up being rather different.

Like everyone else I'll be pitching in with RPS's coverage of various Not-E3 events this weekend, so playing video games is going to have to take a back seat to watching trailers, thinking about them, and then writing about the shiny future games they foretell. But this week I did permit myself a rare pre-order so that I could play The Quarry on release, and the Not-E3 events I'm covering don't start until the evening UK time, so maybe I'll manage to sneak in a little prologue to the horrors to come during the day.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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