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What are we all playing this weekend?


To have an extremely timely conversation: how do you feel about this year's games so far? And how do you feel about this question in the first place? I've had a cracking gaming year, and I thinnnk that's down to lots of new games? Maybe? This type of question has always brushed over the fact that people play games for years and start 'old' games all the time, and maybe it's less useful than ever now every other game is a live service. But I've had a good gaming year, and that's what matters. So what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
is on hols!

I have a wedding this weekend so I shall be trying to keep my two left feet from getting crushed in a ceilidh. And the Tour De France Femmes ends on Sunday so I'm trying to bang out a few more bicycle games for my Tour De Jeux. This series has taken longer (and been longer) than I had planned. It's been fun. God knows what I'll do next.

It’s a long weekend for House Wheeler this week. The school summer holidays have begun, so I'll hopefully find some time for games with the young'uns. Undoubtedly, we'll be playing some Peppa Pig on PC Game Pass. Other than that, I'm hoping to jump into PowerWash Simulator and maybe a bit of interstellar exploration in No Man's Sky now the Endurance update's out. Oh, and MultiVersus. Definitely MultiVersus.

Batman, Harley Quinn, Arya Stark, and Jake the dog battling in a MultiVersus screenshot.
MultiVersus violence

Ever the predictable one, I'll be hammering through more Judgment on the PS5. The murder case is getting spicier by the minute and I've been taking on some brilliant side-cases. I recently apprehended a menace called Ass Catchem and sprinted after a wig that got lost in the breeze. There's a few too many tailing missions for my liking, but it's been great to approach Kamurocho from a detective's perspective so far.

MultiVersus has me in a vice grip and I don't want to escape. Unlike a few others on the team, I don't have the Founder's Pack. Ed, Liam, and Rebecca like to bring that up daily, reminding me of all the characters they can use while I only have access to a rotating bunch of temporary freebies. Fortunately, one of the current free characters is Adventure Time's Finn the Human. Finn is busted. I love Finn. Their upwards special spin attack is lethal, and I'm just trying to make the most of it before an inevitable nerf rolls out.

is on hols!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has just come out and... I have conveniently booked the coming week off as holiday. Those two things are entirely unrelated, I should add (the holiday was set well before I knew Xenoblade was coming out), but as it turns out, yes, I will indeed be spending my week off playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Ta-rah!

More Metal Gear Solid V for me this weekend as I continue my replay on the Steam Deck. I might duck into a bit of Multiversus to level up my pre-season battle pass (sorry, I just threw up a little in my mouth typing that sentence) but I equally might not. I genuinely don't have anything that interesting to say this week, I'm afraid. I think I just want to play more Exoprimal and I'm grumpy that I can't.

Cover image for YouTube videoExoprimal's Unstoppable Raptor Hordes Have Slammed Straight Into My Heart | Hands On

Ooh, MultiVersus is quite good, isn't it? I haven't played much of it yet, just a few hours. The walls of text explaining each character's moveset is a little daunting at first, but the game's charm and quality makes me want to invest that time reading and researching to make sense of all the chaos on screen. So far I've lost a couple of matches - mostly to Superman, the big flying fucker - but I've won the rest, so I'm starting to think the learning curve isn't quite as insurmountable as I first thought.

The cute cat game! I've been desperate to play Stray and Katharine's review has only got me more hyped. You can knead carpets! Knock pots off the ledges! And there's a designated meow button! I started playing earlier last week but the heatwave completely wrecked my evenings so I've been playing it this week now it's a bit cooler and will hopefully see the credits by the end of the weekend.

I'm off next week visiting family, but my trusty portable devices are never far from my side. I just finished replaying Danganronpa 1 on Switch, so I've got the Dangan Academy post-game mode to play next. I somehow never got into it the first time around, but after this replay I've found myself really looking forward to giving it a proper go. On my laptop, meanwhile, I've been playing the Rusty Lake series from the very start, and I suspect my puzzle-loving Twin Peaks fan parents might actually get a kick out of joining in with those.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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