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What are we all playing this weekend?


Summer is ebbing away, and I hate how it goes. I already miss long evenings, with sunset now before 8pm but sunrise still pointlessly at like 6:30? No thanks. I don't miss those 5am sunrises either. So we can surely all agree that the sensible course of action would be to lock sunrise to 7:30am and rotate the whole clock around that. Anyway! What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on.

Alice Bee
This weekend I'm going to have a proper go of Tinykin, because Rachel said it was good in her review, and my partner has been playing it and says it's "really fun, way better than that Immortality bollocks".

Considering wrestling the bouncer in a Betrayal At Club Low screenshot.

I've finished (and adored) Betrayal At Club Low but still need to find a few more endings in Cosmo D's excellent weird RPG. Off-Peak City is home to some of my favourite games.

I didn’t get a chance to try Immortality last weekend, which sounds a bit weird when you think about it. See, I was having such a fun time with Tinykin and probably spent far too much of the weekend playing that. Might carry on a bit more. I’ve been introducing my kids to Animal Crossing: New Horizon on Switch too, so we'll most likely be shaking down trees for cash at some point. Not playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. Honest.

is away!

A couple of weeks ago, Liam did a vid asking us about our favourite stuff from Gamescom. Mine was Moonbreaker, that turn-based tactical tabletop game with the minis that you can paint from the Subnautica devs, and it has an extra-early playtest this weekend! I'm enjoying it so far and would like to fight more people with my minis, so go request access on the Steam store page. Let's just agree not to talk about my shoddy paint jobs, okay? I'm still learning.

Cover image for YouTube videoOur Eight Favourite Games From Gamescom Opening Night Live

Have you every been invited to go somewhere or do something you knew would not be your jam, like karaoke or one of those really poorly-lit table tennis bars? Then you had that preconception totally validated, but the person who invited you was having so much you couldn't bear to be honest about it? So you said a little white lie like "Yeah, it was alright" to which they immediately responded "Great, let's do it again"? Just wondering. Anyway I'm playing Gears Of War 4 co-op.

I'm deep into Cult Of The Lamb at the moment, but there also loads of indie games that have just come out that I really want to play too. There's Betrayal At Club Low and Gloomwood, which are both on my to play list, and I've got a couple of other secret things I'm playing for review. Busy busy!

is away!

I just got the news that I got into the Moonbreaker playtest, so if it's any good (and I imagine it will be, because it's Unknown Worlds, and I owe them my trust for delivering so many wonderful hours of Subnautica), then I imagine that'll be where my free time goes this weekend.

is away!

is away!

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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