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What are we all playing this weekend?


Boo! Ha ha, don't worry, reader dear! That was just me, not any sort of goblin, boglin, or nilbog—this time...! I do always enjoy Halloweentime, and not just because I own a litre of movie-grade fake blood. It's nice to enjoy this sort of stuff as the days draw shorter, and after this we get to launch into Christmastime and 24/7 Hallmark Channel movies (pro tip: look for ones with Andrew W Walker or Cameron Mathison, they're usually good). But first, what are you playing this weekend? We do have some offbeat Halloween lists if you need inspiration. And here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
Although I love, I absolutely biffed my run through of Saturnalia - I only got three of four characters out of the spooky town, and didn't fully solve all the other little mysteries. An E rating! I ask you! So I might have to try again. I've also got an empty house for a lot of the weekend, and I've found myself looking sideways at Elden Ring

I finally beat the cursor-tracking eyeball boss menu in Signalis and have made a start on the survival horror. I always forget I'm a huge baby. But I'm enjoying the solid vintage survival horror, though I am already so, so, so bored of hunting for keycards.

is on hols!

Now that the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's campaign is over and done with, I'll be hopping into the game's multiplayer offerings to see what's up. Hopefully my K/D ratio and not my stress levels?

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I'm heading off to MCM London this weekend, so it'll mostly consist of trying not to fall asleep after such an early train. I haven't planned out my schedule too much this year because I'm heading down with a friend, so we'll probably just womble around and catch up. I am hoping to buy some new Magic: The Gathering cards and roll out the playmats, though. I haven't got any Unfinity packs yet, and it sounds hilarious!

I'm inclined towards trying Penko Park after reading about it in Rachel's horror games for non-horror fans feature. On the grounds that I am a non-horror fan, and it's like three quid on sale.

I'm determined to finish God Of War before Ragnarok comes out on the old PlayStation in a couple of weeks, so I'm going to be ploughing on with the BOY this weekend. I picked it up again during my week off recently after not touching it since the end of January, and cor, it really is very good, isn't it? That, and I also want to give Signalis a try, although I may be too much of a wimp. I will report back. Possibly from behind my sofa.

Who knows! Persona 5, definitely. Fresh Cod Online, probably. Marvel Snap, regrettably. There are too many games, dude. I can't keep up anymore.

Of course, it can only be Modern Warfare 2. I'll be playing it mostly for work purposes, and partially out of curiosity as to whether this iteration of COD can grab and hold my attention the same way that Modern Warfare 1 did back in 2019, and which no Call Of Duty game has managed to do since. If I find the time, I might try to squeeze in a bit of Overwatch 2 as well, but that might be a bit optimistic.

A group of anthropomorphic animal characters chat to each other in Beacon Pines.
Beacon Pines

I started playing Beacon Pines during the week so I definitely want to finish that. It's a great spooky-not-scary game that's perfect for Halloween. If I'm brave enough, I might try and play one of the two horror games that released this week which are Signalis and Saturnalia. Both look awesome but I think it might have to be Saturnalia after I read AliceB's chilling review on it.

It has been a full-on few weeks, if I'm honest, but I am determined not to let that get in the way of celebrating Halloweekend! We've got my parents coming round, and together we're going to carve pumpkins and visit some spookified local venues and watch a ton of horror movies on Shudder. I may be convinced to play some suitably seasonal video games if other people want to, but honestly I'm pretty keen to give the whole thing a break and enjoy some fresh autumnal air instead.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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