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What are we all playing this weekend?


Hello again, reader dear! We have semi-returned from our Christmas break, though quite a few folks have been off this week too. But next week, then we'll properly be back. Still, even this ragtag skeleton crew have managed to reel off 101 games we're looking forward to in 2023 (admittedly some are likely/hopefully this year). I am delighted that so many of these are new to me. And heck, that's definitely missing a few too. Game on, games. While we wait for those, what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
I was accidentally up until 1am playing PowerWash Simulator again last night because I discovered that the story in the Career Mode is actually extremely wild. Like, people really bury the lede when they talk about this game, that's all I'll say.

A screenshot from PowerWash Simulator which shows the player powerwashing a theme park sign.
Spsshshhshhh | Image credit: Square Enix

I have unlocked and murdered everything in Brotato, the shooty spud take on Vampire Survivors, and now I'm just having a grand out time with 20-minute bursts of murder. Ah jeez, I should also start on the games I bought in the Steam Winter Sale.

is still away from Christmas!

I won't be around a great deal this weekend, so maybe it's the time to check out Chop Goblins, a bite-sized FPS from the Dusk dev. From my understanding you chop goblins for roughly half an hour, with one Steam review stating, "It truly is a chop goblins". That's enough for me.

is poorly, poor boy!

is still away from Christmas!

As I prepare for the imminent tidal wave of excellent games coming out in 2023, I'm catching up on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in anticipation of Jedi: Survivor coming out in March. I never got round to playing Fallen Order at the time, but if I'm to stand a chance of getting it finished by the time its beardy sequel comes out, I better get cracking.

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After three days back at work I've made the sensible decision to take a long weekend. Can't be pushing myself too hard, can I? I'll be spending my time off noodling away at a fresh Satisfactory world. The factory must grow, after all.

Towards the end of the Christmas break, I was unexpectedly drawn towards Marvel's Spider-Man after realising the remaster had lain forgotten in my Epic library for goodness knows how long. Tried it out, and wouldn't-ya-know-it, it feels just swell to swing about NYC as everyone's favourite Tom Holland-like. I do think a lot of the story bits feel rushed and inelegant, but the strong voice acting and the compelling broad brushstrokes of the story have won me over regardless. I want to know what happens next to this version of Spider-Man. And I'll find out this weekend.

The third Fears To Fathom game, Carson House, comes out on Monday so I think I'll play the first two games over the weekend. I like the idea of someone making small horror games from the creepy stories that strangers have emailed in. Who knows whether that's actually true or not, but it certainly adds extra creepiness to the vibe of the games.

I'm nearly on the final episode of my year-long, on-and-off playthrough of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, and things are really getting interesting. Also, one of my goals for this year is to make more of an effort to actually finish games I'm enjoying, rather than flip-flopping between 20 titles at once until I give myself choice overload and end up playing nothing, which is another reason I intend to see this one through.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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