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What are we all playing this weekend?


Our fortnight of RPS Magic Week has ended (a little bit of chronomancery there) has ended so do catch up on all the witchery and wizarding if you want more to read this weekend. Beyond that, hey, do tell: what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
I've been poking, with suspicion, at The Last Starship, a new game from the Prison Architect people about building a spaceship that just came out in early access. So far it seems like a proper nerd's colony builder i.e. too hard for this gal. I've still been too scared to try Dwarf Fortress.

Bursting aliens as a cyborg potato in a Brotato screenshot.

I'm really enjoying the latest Brotato update. The new characters have interesting quirks, and I'm especially enjoying the new items. My favourites are those which offer powerful permanent bonuses in exchange for overcoming extra challenges in the next round, like taking extra damage from attacks or facing a few bonus strong and irritating enemies. Interesting decisions, though. Nice little gambles where the outcome is in my hands.

Like A Dragon: Ishin is on the agenda this weekend. I adore wandering about the Edo-period city of Kyo, it's got the hustle and bustle, but it's equally as peaceful is you take to its backstreets. I might dip into more Destiny 2 as the second episode of Inventory Space is slowly beginning to take shape.

Wild Hearts caught me off-guard (mainly because I wasn't originally meant to cover it), but it did so in the best way. It's dead good! I'll admit that I'm new to the whole monster-hunting shtick, but there's something very satisfying about smacking big beasties with big swords for big damage. I imagine that's my weekend mostly sorted, but I'm also watching the new Ant-Man film. It has KANG! Very exciting! I will (struggle to) digest lots of popcorn and a Tango ice blast with a big ol' smile on my face.

I am playing a game I cannot mention for embargo reasons. How about you, reader? Are you looking forward to this game I cannot mention for embargo reasons?

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Still top secreting this weekend, but all will be revealed soon, I promise!

Another weekend, is it? Goodness me they come by fast don't they. Well, I'll be honest, gaming isn't really on the agenda this weekend as I'm stacked with plans that involve leaving the house. We went pottery spinning just after Christmas you see, and now it's time to paint the finished pieces. Then on Sunday we're attending a drawing class, which will be interesting because I cannot – and I mean literally, cannot - draw. Good stuff. In the brief moments I am back home however, I'll be punching big rats in Wild Hearts to prepare for my full review next week.

I'm neck-deep in Wild Hearts at the moment, finishing off a load of neglected side-quests before forging on with the main story. This game has captured my attention in a way that no Monster Hunter game has done since I was a child, and it's mainly thanks to the Karakuri devices you can work into your fights to catapult yourself to and fro, build walls at a moment's notice to stop a charge, and so on. My Fortnite brain enjoys this very much.

Dredge. Dreeeaaddge. I can't get enough of it. I am firmly on the hook of this horror fishing sim and I refuse to wriggle off. I previewed it earlier this week and have been completely enchanted by its eldritch world ever since. I demand more weird fishing games.

I finally started Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair this week, and you know when you approach a sequel to something you love with trepidation but then you're just instantly back in? I'm 100% back in. I am getting a tiny bit paranoid though, because except for a bit of Forspoken I still haven't really played any brand-new games yet in 2023, and much as I love getting caught up on older titles, November's GOTY voting period is already looming in my future. So I'm very tempted to find time to start A Space For The Unbound soon as well.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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