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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


Ho ho ho and good morning to one and all! I'm feeling remarkably spry after the RPS office Christmas party with Cara (and pub afterwards) so either thirteen hours of drinking are about to come crashing down on me, or I am as invincible as I like to pretend. UNSTOPPABLE! But I will hurry through everything I need to write and edit for the weekend, just in case. Tell me: what are you playing this weekend?

Adam: Thanks to recommendations from the people of this parish, I'll be starting my JRPG quest. I'm going with Final Fantasy III, since it's the earliest I have on PC and I have a strange desire to do even a series with no connections between parts in chronological order. Or as close to that as I can get. I do actually have the first Final Fantasy on iPad but I got to a point where I'd beaten up a pirate to win a boat (yay) was sailing around with no idea what to do next (boo). Then I found a sick elf. I think it's an open world game and I'd need a good map if I were going to continue.
Alec: I know what I'm not playing, which is Fallout 4 - thanks to the messy death of Michael Radiatin'. For better or worse, that game has been a near-daily part of my life for almost six weeks, and I'm glad of the break. Time to go stare at a sunset, presuming December can muster one.
Alice: I'm digging back into games from this year which I didn't finish or want to see more of, part inspired by and part for all our Advent calendar stuff. So, y'know, I can't really say too much or I'll give away the precious secrets. It's nice to be back in Los Santos, I can say. And obviously I'm playing Isaac, seeing as I am alive?
Graham: Rainbow Six Siege has been playing on my mind since Adam and I last played Terrorist Hunt mode, so I'd like to put some time aside to play more with friends and strangers. I worry about its long-term future as a public multiplayer game but I hope that every other Ubisoft game benefits from its destructive tech in due course.
John: I, as ever, shall pretend that I'm going to play all manner of games, when what I'm really going to do is look after a bonkers one year old, stare stupefied at the TV when he sleeps, and be horrified that it's somehow Monday again.

Although this weekend I AM going to play something. I'm going to do one of those oh so trendy room escape things in Bath. Dear me, I hope I'm not terrible.

Philippa: I'm either watching League of Legends or I'm trying to work out which time zone I'm in. Maybe both.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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