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What are we all playing this weekend?


Honestly, no. Just no. Away with this snow. Anything less than 30 centimetres of snow is insufficient to justify this recurring winter. Please, give us spring. We need it. I can barely recall the feeling of sun on my arms, or digging my toes into warm sand, or the embrace of water which admittedly is still dangerously cold but at least is more refreshing than agony. Ah! Go on then, tell us what you're playing this weekend. Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
I'm playing the Final Fantasy-themed DLC for PowerWash Simulator. Since I have only passing familiarity with FFVII I am looking at everything in a purely functional way, sucking air through my teeth and saying things like "bloody hell, what've you been doing with this giant gun robot with a scorpion tail? Those are some stubborn stains, are those! This is going to be a bigger job than I quoted you over the phone."

I'm enjoying my lovely peaceful strolls in Sons Of The Forest so maybe a few more before I resume my eternal hunt for fresh new walking simulators.

I don't know what sort of weird mod adds mutants and survival and crafting to Sons Of The Forest, but maybe these tips will help with that?Watch on YouTube

I'm visiting the parents this weekend, so probably not a lot of gaming getting done. I might squeeze some of Fortnite's new season into my Sunday eve, seeing as it's got an entirely new Cyberpunk city now?!

is away!

I will either play The Finals closed beta, or sit watching my Steam library, waiting to be allowed into The Finals closed beta.

After a long weekend away visiting family last week, I'll be starting Hi-Fi Rush in earnest today to get ready for some fun RPS Game Club discussion at the end of the month. Watching Double Fine's Psych Odyssey documentary also has me itching to go back to Psychonauts 2 at the moment, but I'm also still knee-deep in trying not to die a horrible, frozen death in The Pale Beyond too. So many good games and not enough time!

Uhhh. I'm... I'm uhh playing uhhhh... Oh look over there! There's a cool bird on the roof of that church eating beans!


Wild Hearts image showing a player wearing Samurai armor and wielding a big bow, with a blossom tree in the background.

I've just begun a new game of Wild Hearts, this time without the added pressure of having to complete everything as quickly as possible for guides purposes. I used to adore playing Monster Hunter Freedom on my PSP as a kid, but I've bounced off every Monster Hunter game since. Wild Hearts has me. It's recaptured a little bit of that childlike glee at bashing enormous monsters on the head, following them when they retreat, bashing them again, bashing them to death, bashing up their remains for parts, bashing together new weapons and armour with the parts, bashing more monsters with the new weapons, and so on.

I am dedicating my entire weekend to playing Paranormasnight, a horror visual novel with the worst name in video game history. I've played an hour or and am loving it, like really loving it. It's a supernatural murder mystery that's genuinely spooky, has an interesting (but chilling) twist on the VN formula, and jump scares that don't feel cheap. I'm super impressed so far, so fingers crossed it can keep that momentum until the end.

My parents are visiting and we haven't seen each other since New Year's, so it'd be pretty anti-social of me to bury my head in my games all weekend. But I might nip onto Animal Crossing and see if 2023 is the year I finally manage to get a damn Shamrock Wand recipe from the sky balloons during their stingy eight-day annual drop period.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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