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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


This Star Wars merchandise-o-marketing mania has gone too far. So far today, I've been woken up by the bin lorry blasting a John Williams score, bought a croissant labelled a 'Kesselrunant', noticed my antibiotic pills are in the shape of Kylo Ren's head, seen posters for 'the Chewie' in the window of the hairdresser round the corner, and been forced by the greengrocer into a 'lightsaber duel' with carrots before he'd sell me an avocado (marketing paid £250,000 for the rights to do that, he apologised). Take it easy, George Skywalker. Pop an 'ewok flavour' chill pill. Play a (Star Wars) video game.

Adam: Even though I've already written a review, I'm going to carry on with my latest Total Attila campaign. That's a surprise to me because when I binge on a strategy game, I usually need a break. I'm currently playing as Mercia and trying to make a United Kingdom. So far, I've set fire to Wales and thrown a few boats at Ireland. Scotland looks menacing. I'm also going to play LISA because I missed it first time around and enjoyed what I saw during development.
Alec: I just watched a Star Wars film and I've just been writing about Star Wars games, so there is a very, very strong possibility I will end up playing Star Wars games too. I quite fancy another run through Dark Forces after all these years, but the Movie Battles II mod for Jedi Academy also looks pretty tasty. I'm aware that I'll just get my arse kicked if I wade into a specialist community like that, of course. Luke never had to deal with more than two other Force users at once: he had it easy.
Alice: I'd hoped to be revisiting Deadly Premonition, but between computers apparently lost the save I'd kept from the point where it opens up. Boo. So Isaac: Afterbirth, obviously. Might finish Jazzpunk, yonks later? Hack the planet in Hacknet? Finally get around to Dontnod's Remember Me? I don't know. Why do you want to know? Who sent you?
Graham: I... don't know. I'm between games at the moment and I'd like to start something new, but there's a good chance I'll either play a little more Rainbow Six Siege or simply spend the weekend lying face down on the ground, half asleep. We'll see.
John: This weekend I shall be playing at a soft play centre in Farrington Gurney. I have ridiculous ambitions to play Tearaway on my new PS4, or finally get my Steam Link working with the downstairs TV and play some Just Cause 3 on the 40" screen. But I won't. A nappy will need changing, and then something will explode, and then it will be 7.30am Monday again and I'll be at my desk staring at the monitor and not knowing what happened. But at least I'll have been to the soft play centre.
Philippa: This weekend I probably won't be playing much, to be honest. I'm away from home so I have my phone and laptop for games but it's that point of the year where I'm kind of in need of some downtime and exhausted from dental surgery. Really, I need to curl up into a ball and regenerate a bit. If you really need an answer it's Zookeeper on my phone or Picross also on my phone. I want to be the best person in the world at Zookeeper. I feel that's a sensible life goal.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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