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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


Oh, right, weekends. They're like holiday, only they're shorter and feeling slightly grim because of that. Are you having fun this weekend? You're not wasting it, are you? Are you having fun? Are you bettering yourself? Are you wasting the weekend? Are you having fun? Are you blowing it? Are you squandering it? Do you even deserve weekends? You probably don't. I'll take them away if you can't justify yourself. Tell me: what are you playing this weekend?

Adam: [Adam's silence speaks volumes. He knows this is a terrible trick, one he should certainly not acknowledge. Well played, Adam. Well played. You've certainly won this little game.]
Alec: Right now I'm in the middle of playing ARPG Grim Dawn, what with it being content complete and my wanting to see whatever big beasties it hurls at me in its final stages. ARPGs can get rather numbing if played in too-long stretches though, so I'm feeling the urge to exercise parts of my brain other than the lizard section. So I reckon I might spend some time with Vertex Meadow, which Alice introduced us to in RPS team chat (as a break from our all screaming 'oh god now this is broken' as a result of a routine CMS update). 2D images made into 3D worlds? That is a beautiful, beautiful dream. Praying for a VR update, me.
Alice: I've also been fiddling with Vertex Meadow, trying to create some kind of cool foresty pondy thing. This was going to be a big surprise, so when I posted about Vertex Meadow next week I could pretend I'd just tossed it off, but I suppose that's ruined now. I'll also be playing Isaac, same as ever, and... other things? I've got so many half-finished games I want to knock out. Also, I'll be roaming around actual proper trees, hills, and water. I spent a lot of my holiday around hills, remembering that I both like hills and am a touch afraid of heights - good times!
Graham: I want to play Pony Island, but I'm not sure I'll make time. I spent little of the Christmas break playing, but a fair amount of it reading other people's Games of the Year lists. I found a few games on those lists that I hadn't played, mostly on console and mobile, and so I'll probably end up spending the weekend dabbling at Prune and Love Live! and Lifeline and You Must Build A Boat and maybe Box Boy on 3DS.
John: [Adam may be canny about not answering, but John... John's fallen in love with the hunt. Every Monday morning in the RPS treehouse, he reads all your sightings of him and giggles. He throws his hands up in the air, laughing "Yes! Yes that was me making a puppet out a dead swan!" or wailing "But how did they see clinging to the underside of the number 5 bus playing slide whistle?". So tell me: where have you seen John?]
Philippa: You've probably guessed, but this weekend I will still be in attendance at the Smite World Championships. That means I'll be watching other people playing rather than playing anything myself, although if I had any downtime between matches there's a little Hi-Rez Expo they've set up in one of the venue halls so I could theoretically play some of the games - maybe a bit of Paladins or their mobile game, Jetpack Fighter?

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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