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What are we all playing this weekend?


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My kitten became a game designer after I taught her to play Fetch. She'll carry the little felt balls around in her mouth and drop them in different places to explore new playpossibilities. In my slipper brings the fun of working in the dark. Beneath a chair makes for a great climbing frame ballsport straight out of a dystopian movie where a kickboxing freedom fighter (played by a muttering European) brings down The Man by being really, really good at batting a ball while dangling from a bar. Between two dumbells creates fun obstacles and windows of opportunity. And in the tangle of wires behind my PC brings the transgressive anti-authoritarian thrill of rolling around while being told "Baby no! Don't you...! Get out my wires!" Anyway, what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
is away!

I'm working on two Hackers pagers for a Hackers-themed birthday party. I have found Motorola Advisor pagers. I have found replacement belt clips. I have stocked up on primer and neon spray paints and all the other bits and bobs I need. Now I'm starting painting and will look into getting mock "GRAND CENTRAL HACK THE PLANET" messages printed as decals. I'm loosely following this guide but where that tries to recreate how the prop department faked the message, but I want them to look closer to in-universe items and apply decals directly to the LCD screen. I just need to figure out how badly that could go wrong, because there are only so many Motorola Advisors left in this world.

is away!

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I spent quite a lot of this week attending to a family medical emergency, so I could do with a low-key weekend. Current plans include lying on the floor watching a slice-of-life anime romcom with a title/premise like "I keep forgetting to wear socks". But if I do find energy for a videogame, I might give despairing astral strategy sim The Banished Vault a whirl, or perhaps the delightful World Of Horror, which is approaching its 1.0 release. Hmm, now that I read those back they don't seem very... uplifting. Perhaps I'll settle for Void Crew, a game about teaming up to fly spaceships or even better, catastrophically failing to do so.

Friday was my last day at RPS, as I've left for university to study computer science. So, what am I playing for the rest of time? Hopefully lots of Dungeons & Dragons, and I'll also be attending Magic and Lorcana events at my local game store. When it comes to video games, I'm currently playing a lot of PowerWash Simulator, but I'm excited to play Payday 3, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, and Spider-Man 2 over the next month. Next year, I'm looking forward to Greenheart Games' Tavern Keeper and The Chinese Room's Still Wakes the Deep. And further in the future, Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree and I guess whatever Larian do next? Otherwise, I'll be doing lots of studying! Have a good life... bye!

I fear that, in the name of Phantom Liberty #content, I will need to perform some kind of Cyberpunk 2077 playthrough rush to reach the bit where I'm invited to admire Idris Elba's cyberface. Has anyone actually done this before? Played Cyberpunk for non-benchmarking purposes? I'm frightened.

Yet again, the Castle household is on the parental circuit this weekend, so no Starfield for me, alas. Instead, I'll be limited to what's on my Steam Deck, which probably means getting stuck in with the quite brilliant Roto Force some more, and a proper stint (at last) with Dave The Diver. I've been meaning to write about Dave for ages, but with the Switch release date now confirmed for the end of October, I have renewed vigour to see more of his fishy undertakings.

I'm going to submerge myself in the nice warm bath that is indie games this weekend, I think. Now that I've finished Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, it's time to work my way through my backlog of nice things. Gunbrella! Dave the Diver! Goodbye Volcano High! I can't wait.

About a month ago I ordered a refurbished Steam Deck, and it just arrived! So I'll probably spend the entire weekend lounging in bed playing Monster Hunter Rise, because it reminds me of simple childhood days spent playing Monster Hunter Freedom on the PSP.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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