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What are we all playing this weekend?

Well? Do tell!

A wood engraving of a group of stuffed cats having a tea party from the book The Crystal Palace, And Its Contents, 1852
Image credit: Old Book Illustrations/artist unknown

I have an extremely annoying neck and shoulder ache that I can't get rid of, but on the other hand I found the backing to the right earring in my all-day black studs. On a third hand, I found this after I bought a replacement pair. Less ideal. But at least video games have never let me down. That's an egregious lie, though. Games let me down all the time. Which ones are you pinning your hopes to this weekend? Here are ours.

Alice Bee
I'm going to have a crack at the demo for News Tower 'cos it sounds cool and I've had it downloaded for a while. I'm also toying with the idea of starting Banishers again, to try different endings and approaches - although it's probably too soon to put in another 40 hours, isn't it? Plus I've got a Nancy Drew game to play. I'm getting very behind with those.

I am excited to discover that roguelikelike Poker deck-building game Balatro is one of those games I will play intensely before realising that I need to uninstall it for my own good, then accepting and actioning upon this realisation far too kate. Right now I'm in the fun, easy, carefree period where deck and combo ideas are churning around in the back of my head at all times. Surely this can't escalate or cause problems etc.

As per, I won't be about a great deal this weekend. Once I get back on Sunday eve, I hope to try out Granblue Fantasy: Relink now that the game seems to finally boot on PC. Not that I need to start another JRPG, of which I have about a bajillion on the go.

is on holiday.

Four Helldivers players advancing across a desert at sunset towards alien arachnids, firing weapons
Helldivers 2, which is not affiliated with Starship Troopers | Image credit: PlayStation PC LLC

I helldove into Helldivers 2 last night, and will back Ed up that it's a big, hilarious mess in all the right ways. I look forward to being vapourised in more friendly airstrikes, ragdolled by more rocket launcher backblasts, and splatted by more orbital respawn pods in the coming days.

I’ll likely fire up Street Fighter 6 this weekend, since Ed was just announced as a DLC character coming out on the 27th. An infinitely forgettable (in my opinion) boxer in Street Fighter V, I admit that this time around his design and fighting style have been nicely rehabilitated and look a lot more interesting. The fact that he’s got a killer theme song performed by German-Japanese rapper Blumio certainly helps elevate this emo fist-throwing fella in my mind.

I know I'm going to hate myself for it, but listen, I need to see what Skull & Bones actually looks like after all this time, I just do. I'm also torn between carrying on with the Tomb Raider Remastered Trilogy and going back to Tomb Raider Underworld, which I booted up this week to investigate just what Aspyr were trying to do with the trilogy's god awful modern control scheme. Underworld holds up surprisingly well for a game from 2008, and you know, I might just play that instead.

This weekend is an exhilarating, perhaps monumental occasion. I will finally finish Baldur's Gate 3. I have completed everything major (I think) but then again, I've thought this for the past five weekends, so who knows? I just can't keep adding to my pile of shame with unfinished games. Although, I do also want to check out Skull and Bones. What I'm really saying is there aren't enough hours at the weekend.

is probably winning all of Rocket League or something.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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