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What are we all playing this weekend?

Well? Do tell!

An old vintage illustration of a Cowthorpe Oak tree, with a wheelbarrow in the foreground.
Image credit: Jacob Strutt, Sylva Brittanica (1822)

Hello! This is weird. Last time I was here, I predicted the future. I can't say I'm not proud of my clairvoyance, but sometimes it is a curse. In any case, I shall endeavour to continue Alice0's great work in finding endless excellent vintage illustrations to pop at the tops of these posts. And I'll also be hiding a little smiley face in each one, for giggles. Ooh, can you find it? What fun! Now then: here's how we'll all be dangerously blurring the lines between work and play this weekend.

Alice Bee
This weekend I'm going to play some Piecing It Together, a 3D jigsaw game that Sin recommended in Scout Report a while back, and Harold Halibut. Who lives in a crashed colony ship under the sea? (Ha!Rold!Hali!But!) He does not appear to be very absorbent, though.

I'm visiting my parents this weekend, which means I'm limited to what's on my Steam Deck. As per usual, that'll mean LAD: Infinite Wealth as I tend to my tourist resort and attract more demanding visitors. Maybe a touch of Rogue Legacy 2? Nothing like a mildly frustrating but fun roguelike to brighten an evening.

This weekend I'm going to play flat-hunting in London again. Wait, no I'm not. I've found a place! I've sent over a holding deposit! No take-backsies! The die has been cast! The eagle has landed! The soul still burns! I honestly don't know what to do with myself, then. But perhaps I'll celebrate by playing, errrrrr. Well, I tend to play 4X games when I'm feeling festive, so maybe one of those. Mind you, my current flatmate has just discovered a bunch of spider eggs in his room. So perhaps I'm going to spend my weekend catching spiders. It's definitely time for a change of scene.

I tried in vain to get Graham to tell me what he'll be playing this weekend, but he refused. I therefore must assume he's playing something deeply shameful and does not wish to disclose it.

I will continue to ruin the podcast by playing nothing besides Horizon Forbidden West, thus leaving me with nothing new to talk about. Oh hey, I didn't even consider the fact that I could ruin WAWAP through the same technique. Efficient!

This weekend I may continue messing around with Manor Lords to see if I can figure out more of the game's intricacies ahead of additional guides writing next week. My honest opinion is that it's a fine game, but not three million Steam wishlists fine, so I admit I'm a little perplexed by its extreme hype. If I have any spare time (and I likely won't, as our new puppy consumes time like how she consumes treats, which she then poops out in delighted gusto), I'd like to go back to Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, which I was happily playing at the start of this year and then put on hold when things got busy. With The Rogue Prince of Persia coming out soon, It would be a real delight to brush up on my platforming and time-changing skills.

Like every other gamer these past two weeks, the Fallout TV series has ignited my craving for The Wasteland in a major way. I have started a new Fallout 4 playthrough and plan on reviving my youth by picking every sarcastic dialogue option I can. Originally, I came to Fallout 4 immediately after playing Fallout 3 and New Vegas. As such, I didn't really jell with the game. For me, it lacked the charm the others had. The writing, story and world-building were just as good, but something was missing that I couldn't quite put my finger on. A certain heart. So, it's nice to come at it with fresh eyes and give it another go. I just wish there was a way to play as something other than a bog-standard human. A ghoul, synth or even a super mutant would be such a unique perspective. Of course, I know for story reasons this isn't possible but you never know, maybe it'll be a character option in Fallout 5.

Eiyuden: 100 mates for me. Got my physical this week after backing it what seems like a decade ago. I'd originally backed for a 'Nintendo Next Gen Console' copy, which really says a lot about something or other. I've played a little but so far, enough to know I like the music and general vibe. Will it be as good as Suikoden? I can empirically say it'll be at least 8 mates less good, although five of those mates were just the same squirrel with different capes, so I can likely learn to live with it.

This weekend, I will mainly be packing. With the deeply saddening loss of Alice0 to the Mariana Trench, I have elected to be our resident Scot, and will be moving house from Hampshire up to Glasgow early next week. If I have any time at all, I will likely spend it playing Helldivers 2, which continues to piss me off in the way that only a truly great game can.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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