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What are we all playing this weekend?

Well? Do tell!

Old vintage illustration of a waterfall cascading into a pond surrounded by a water mill and various buildings.
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Merry weekends, everyone! It's time for a chill couple of days, I think. A bunch of us have recently returned from trips down to the Brighton office to meet some new faces. Weird to think I'm now the most far-flung of the lot, living way up here in Glasgow. Maybe that's why I elected to take over these Playing This Weekend posts, to help fill the friendless void growing inside my heart.

So just know that if you don't sound off in the comments below with news of what you're playing this weekend, the void in my heart will grow, until one day it consumes me. And then who will write these posts? Here's what we're clicking on this weekend!

Alice Bee
is away.

My gaming life is very much Destiny 2-oriented at the moment, as I prepare for The Final Shape DLC. What this means is I'll run the same dungeon over and over again and be fine with that. The silly little purple guns I get make up for any monotony. It is a curse (I love it).

Hardware editor and hero of the republic James Archer has just lent me one of his many spare Steam Decks, after presumably abandoning his evil masterplan of acquiring enough of them to stuff a mattress. As such, I'm on the lookout for Steam Deck-friendly experiences - preferably turn-based RPGs or strategy games. I'm thinking the just-released Skald: Against the Black Priory might be worth a pop.

A friend recently got me hooked on the digital version of the board game Dune Imperium. It looks impenetrable in screenshots, but has a decent tutorial that swiftly explains the basics, and the basics are all you need to start having fun. Every game I've played of it so far, with people or against AI, has felt tense and close-run, with dramatic swings of fortune. I haven't seen Dune, or read Dune, but I'm desperate to spend more time this weekend trying to defeat Barry Harkonnen and him off of Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Monday being a bank holiday, and the following several days of irregular business-doing, have thrown me off to the point where I haven't even considered there being a weekend. Up is down, left is right, Friday feels like Tuesday. I'll probably play Little Kitty, Big City, thanks for asking.

is away.

This weekend I delve once more into The Hinterlands of Dragon Age Inquisition. I've spent a fair few hours in the game so far, which of course means I haven't gotten far at all. I saw my first dragon and immediately got wiped from the earth - so that was fun. For now, navigating between the tense relations between the Templars and Mages is intriguing but let's be honest - I'm totally going to side with the Mages (sorry Cassandra).

The talk of a new Doom game getting announced soon means I've returnaled to Eternal once again. Don't judge me for this, but I played it exclusively with a controller up to this point. I still think it works great like this, since it's less focused on precision and more about movement, but I'm training myself to use M+K this time to get better at weapon switching. Watch the new one's medieval setting give you only melee weapons now and render my training montage useless. Actually, that won't happen. Unless they find a way to attach the super shotgun to an axe, which would be wonderful.

I visited the family last weekend. I was expecting to be able to use that time to cajole my brother into playing some of the exquisite games in his Steam library that he hasn't yet touched. Instead, he somehow managed to get me hooked on playing Deep Dip 2 in Trackmania. The sneaky bastard. I didn't need an extra game to play!

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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