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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


One more day and my hilarious April Fool's prank would be saying that everyone sent me their WAWAPTW? bits so I wouldn't be forced to lie like some kind of monster. But you, I can trust you. Tell me: what are you playing this weekend?

Adam: More Dark Souls III for me. I think I can see the light at the end of the dungeon but it might well be the glint in a demon's eye.
Alec: [Alec is away, because.]
Alice: I wish Adam had been under that daft sort of NDA where reviewers couldn't even say they had the game. Thanks, Adam. Great. Good for you. Anyway, this weekend I'm planning to visit That There England for Now Play This, a festival some pals have organised. The lineup is pretty great, and their setup in Somerset House looks rad. I am up for an indoor badger sett. So I will go to The London and look at things and touch them.
Graham: [Graham is away, because.]
John: This weekend I'm trapped in a car driving to Cornwall and back, so my gaming is going to be limited to my telephone, and thus not of this parish.

However, if I get a chance either side of the trip, I plan to return to Hyper Light Drifter and see if people are correct that I can continue off in other directions (despite the map being blank) before I take on this confounded tedious bossfight, and hopefully be able to enjoy more of the game.

I also plan to murder and eat more of my collea... I mean have a nice sit down. A nice sit down, that's what I'm going to do.

Philippa: This weekend I don't really know what I'll be playing. I'm at a bit of a loose end, truth be told. I've come to the end of the single-player things I've been playing and my relationship with multiplayer is a bit off-and-on right now - more off than on, truth be told. That said I do keep going back to the Overwatch beta and Heroes of the Storm, so perhaps it will be a Blizzardy weekend.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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