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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

Here's what we're clicking on

Ho ho ho! Merry Almosthalloween to one and all! I trust you'll be getting spooky this weekend? Oh sure, Halloween isn't until Monday but most of the spooky fun will be this weekend - I'm trying to squeeze in four or five spookshows myself. But, video games! Many Halloween events are going on this weekend and heck, I suppose you can even play non-spooky games. Here's what we're playing this weekend.

Adam: I'll be stomping through Titanfall 2's campaign and then finding out just how many robot friends I can lose in multiplayer. If I enjoy the rest of my time with it as much as I've enjoyed the first couple of hours in singleplayer, this could be a very good weekend indeed.

Oh, and Football Manager. I'm playing the beta and just signed Icardi for £17.5m, which seems ludicrously cheap. Wondering if I'll be able to get the same deal in 1.0.

Alec: I'm oddly tempted to play Battlefield One. I'm not quite sure why, given the modern military shooter tend to make me feel deeply uncomfortable and the singleplayer modes for the last few Battlefields were lunacy at best, but I've heard some positive chatter around and I've shot surprisingly few men in the head this year.
Alice: I'm tired and falling ill so, well, when I'm not out at spooky Halloween events, I'll be on the sofa with Netflix. Season 3 of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries has hit Netflix and I do so adore it - the show is basically Batman but with a charming 1920s flapper instead of sulky old Bruce Wayne. She has her own supercar, her own plane, an adopted orphan daughter - she's Batman! And the Hotel season of American Horror Story is, as usual, near-unwatchable trash yet somehow gripping. So yes, Netflix and spinechill.
Brendan: This week I will scroll through my library of games in a daze of listless ennui, looking for something with a good story, that doesn't require use of your brain, that uses a gamepad, that I haven't played a thousand times or even once, that I can get lost in, and that doesn't make me feel like playing it was an exercise in fruitlessly shedding hours away from my life like giant flakes of dandruff. Then I will give up and play Mini Metro on my phone.
Graham: I'm going to play Reigns, a choice-driven narrative game in which you swipe left or right to make binary decisions as King. Should you open a school to open the masses? Should you undertake a pilgrimage to the holy land? Should you help heal the sick in a time of plague or should you close the castle gates? These decisions combine to tell you the story and determine how long it takes for your people to usurp, exile or boil you. It's a small, clever game - the best kind of game.
John: I shall be playing... NOTHING AT ALL!

My birthday present from my wife was a weekend away all to myself to sit in the middle of nowhere reading books and doing crosswords. And that is what I shall be doing, no matter how much this shit-bastard cold I've magically got just before leaving tries to ruin it.

Except of course I'll still be playing games on my phone, and I'm taking my 3DS with me, and my laptop for, you know, just in case I need to play a PC game.

Philippa: [Pip is in That America for the League of Legends Galactic Champion Battleverse Rumble Royale Smash 'Em Grab 'Em Lane 'Em Chain 'Em Final Score Showdown Finale so, y'know, that's what she will be up to.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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