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What are we all playing this weekend?


See, it's February already. There we go. So you may as well answer: what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on.

Adam: It was a fright-filled January, with both Detention and Resident Evil 7 providing puddles of gloom for me to splash around in, and I'm keeping the horror rolling with an early build of 2 Dark, the stealth kidnap-killer game from the creator of original flavour Alone in the Dark. If all goes to plan, by Monday morning I'll have been murdered by clowns several times.
Alec: I'm on the final mile of Resident Evil 7, which I've been playing in one-hour daily chunks. 60 minutes is about the point that the stress of it gets on top of me and I need to go and pet the cat or stare at some flowers for a while instead. It's a magnificent slice of horror, so much so that the tension is hard to bear at points.
Alice: These past few weekends I've joked that I should rest an aching wrist but instead I'd play this or that. And play I did! Might have been foolish. This weekend, I shall play nothing, taking it slowly and enjoying quiet cups of tea with my wrist makes noises like balloons bursting as I raise the cup.
Brendan: I still haven't finished Virginia, which is as criminal as the perpiest perp. I was brow-furrowingly hooked for the first hour of it, so I ought to go back. If I spend all my time Overwatching myself into a coma or adding to a terrible 9 match losing streak in Duelyst, somebody please come and snap my neck for crimes against VGs.
Graham: I have friends visiting, which means I'm realistically not going to play anything at all. If I was going to play something though, I'd either be going back to Hitman now that I've 'finished' it so that I can continue trying to find interesting methods of infiltration and assassination, or I'd be giving Resident Evil 7 a whirl. I'm not a huge horror fan but I did like Resis 1 and 2 when I was a wee lad.
John: I really plan to spend some more time playing Sunless Sea for my Game Swap with Pip, but I'm struggling. I'm struggling to find the way in, the way into caring about what's happening - everything seems so frivolous and tepid so far. What I really want to be playing is a big lavish ARPG, but people keep forgetting to make them. Someone make one of those by Sunday please.
Philippa: This weekend I have a number of smaller games installed and ready to go. Whether that means they will actually get played or whether it will be done during next week's lunch breaks is anyone's guess, though! On a more definite front I will be catching up with some friends I've not seen in a long time and wearing my cosy jumper. These are such tiny ambitions but will bring much happiness!

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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