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What are we all playing this weekend?


March comes in like a lion, They say, and goes out like a lamb. If you have any respect at all for folklore, you might want to maul a child this weekend or perhaps sacrifice your hair to a pagan cult. Anyway. What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on.

Adam: [Adam is on his way back from his GDC adventures in San Francisco. I guess he'll load up the in-flight match-three game before realising he really doesn't want to, then will watch two or three mediocre 2016 movies. I see some airlines have La La Land and Inferno. God help him. -ed.]
Alec: I might try to play the Doom boardgame, which I owe you lot a review of, on my own somehow, thanks to repeated failures to gather sufficient others in one place to play it with me. I AM OLD AND LONELY but at least I can make Demon noises to myself.
Alice: You know your old pal Alice: Isaac dailies; far too many horror movies I shouldn't be watching alone in this old cold flat while my flatmate is away; and more Night in the Woods. I'm really diggin' NitW. I won that knife fight too. I do keep meaning to check out more Isaac mods but I'm five achievements short of bagging the lot and gosh darn it, I will beat that Ultra Hard challenge one day (probably after restarting runs until I get game-breaking items).
Brendan: [Brendan has been ill but not in the sense that he's been illin'. Accordingly, he is fired. -ed.]
Graham: I'm either going to be playing Death Road To Canada, because it's clear to me at this stage that the game is great but I haven't yet put enough hours into it to find even a fraction of its secrets, or Loot Rascals. Loot Rascals is a colourful, card-carrying roguelike which is getting a final release next week, and I haven't played it at all yet. These things must be rectified.
John: I shall be playing Horizon Zero Dawn in every tiny window I have available in an annoyingly busy weekend. It's quite the most fantastic game, a humiliation for Ubisoft as it steals all their ideas and then does them a squillion times better. The noise you can hear is Far Cry 5 getting torn up and put in the bin.
Philippa: This weekend I will be playing "visit the park to see as many hummingbirds as possible before coming home" followed by "oh no what time zone do I live in and why is it sunlight now also I am sure there were more people around here a moment ago". That is how coming back from GDC works.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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