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What are we all playing this weekend?


Wotcha gang. I'm writing this at 3:47am on Saturday after returning from revelry following our parent company's AGM. I'm certainly not saying Adam and I are the best at karaoke but by god, he gave it his all in our duets. I think we got through Common People, Blue Monday, Love Is A Battlefield, The Love Cats, How Soon Is Now, Wonderwall (we didn't queue it but hey), Sabotage, Gold... right, yes, all this would be why my throat is raw. Time to neck a litre of water and a whole chapstick then bed.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what's occupying our screens.

Adam: [Excused following his karaoke efforts -ed.]
Alec: [Fired for not coming to karaoke -ed.]
Alice: As we roll on through the RPS advent calendar, I have a few games I'd like to revisit to reflect. I'll probably still say "It's a good game I like it, okay." No, I can't tell you what I'm playing this weekend - that would ruin the surprise.
Brendan: I'll be battling my demons in fighting game Tekken 7, where I have learned a fresh, zen-like understanding of pain and punishment. Every day, I offer another sliver of my soul to the faceless mass of Kazuyas and Kings, and every day they cleave off another weakness, another flaw, another folly. Soon, I will have no soul left, but I will be unstoppable...

I might play some Okami too! <: -)

Graham: [Fired for not coming to karaoke -ed.]
John: I'm rather hoping to spend some more time with SteamWorld Dig 2, which I've only just gotten around to playing. And the boy and I have just started playing CatQuest, so we're going to see if that can hold his interest. Sadly this is going to be interrupted by the hellscape of visiting some Christmas event with a visit to Father Christmas, so please send snipers to take me out.
Katharine: [Katharine came to karaoke but I do not know whether she sang or not. Employment status: to be determined. -ed.]
Matt: [Fired for coming to karaoke but not singing -ed.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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