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What's better: drifting, or dinosaurs?

A battle of the D

Last week, your votes decided that inventory Tetris is better than fishing minigames. I was surprised by quite how many people outright disliked both of these. But I am glad that the final result fell in line with my fondness for repacking virtual bags and sorting grenades by colour. So this week, let's continue our journey towards the best thing by battling two which are undeniably great. What's better: drifting, or dinosaurs?


Cars drifting in a Forza Horizon 4 screenshot.
A driftorama in Forza Horizon 4

Here's a mathematical and moral brainteaser for you. A driver in a 1992 Nissan Skyline is approaching a corner 93 metres away at a speed of 57mph as the traffic lights turn orange. If they slow to turn, they will be caught by the camera and lose the final three points on their licence. If they stop at the lights, they'll be late to perform emergency rocket surgery and an innocent child will explode. There's only one reasonable solution: bomb it through the lights and drift round the corner.

Honestly, why would you ever drive forwards if you could drive sideways? Entire films and anime series have been built upon the fact that drifting is cool. It feels fantastic too, coaxing a car into doing something it's really not meant to and feeling it buck until suddenly there you are, going sideways. Drive better and look rad? Hell yeah.


6000 years ago, terrible lizards walked the Earth alongside man. But the dinosaurs were driven to extinction by cavemen forcing them into demeaning and unsafe jobs as household appliances, and none of us will ever see one. Unless! We play a video game which brings these majestic and monstrous beasts back to life.

While dragons do nothing for me, I am thrilled by even the weird and wrong ways video games imagine dinosaurs. Whether I'm building theme parks to house them, fleeing from them, taming and riding them, or shooting their snouts off, I am always quietly awed to see ancient beasts resurrected digitally. Dinosaurs! Right there before me! Still slightly magical. Millions of years from now, another species will rise in our place and they'll be just as delighted by video games starring floppy apes who constructed colourful metal exoskeletons to attract mates and to drift round corners while pursuing prey.

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But which is better?

Can you condemn dinosaurs to a second extinction? Would you even want to live if you could only drive forwards? Name your winner and make your case, reader dear.

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