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The Complete Risen Report

By Alec Meer on January 3rd, 2012.

I maxed out clothed bathing

In 2009, the bulk of RPG commentary on PC was all Dragon Age this, Dragon Age that. Me, I ended up sinking more time into something rougher, readier, odder, 50% glorious and 50% drudgery. Piranha Byte’s spiritual Gothic sequel Risen was a hell of a place to visit for a time. Here’s my fall and rise and fall again on its peril-packed, amoral island of adventure.
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The Games Of Christmas: December 15th

By RPS on December 15th, 2009.

The photoshopping gets more wearying every day
Christmas is a time to appreciate the under-appreciated. Like rat milk, the later films of Steve Martin, and boating shoes. And, more earnestly, the game that the hand of the one true leader of the Autobots is trepidatiously gesturing toward…
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The Risen Report #6: Grinderman

By Alec Meer on October 21st, 2009.

After 12 hours of adventuring, I’ve finally got a hat. Man, I love hats.

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The Risen Report #5: Slave

By Alec Meer on October 20th, 2009.

This guy?


I hate this guy.
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The Risen Report #4: Victim

By Alec Meer on October 13th, 2009.

Me, here, somewhere, friendless, alone.

Everything went wrong went I made it out of the first city.
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The Risen Report #3: Native

By Alec Meer on October 12th, 2009.

Colonel Kurtz allegory ahoy

Everything changed when I made it to the first city.
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The Risen Report #2: Sous-Chef

By Alec Meer on October 8th, 2009.

In lieu of a review, I’m keeping a diary of my (mis)adventures in and thoughts on divisive new RPG Risen. The first part’s here.

The situation: I’m being followed by a physically impossible woman who’s moaning about being hungry, and I have a pocket full of vulture and rat meat. There’s probably a way to connect these two things. First, however, fighting.
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The Risen Report #1: Tourist

By Alec Meer on October 7th, 2009.

Reviewing Risen here wouldn’t be right. For one thing, it’s too big and time right now is too short to mainline it in such a way. For a second thing, to mainline it in such a way would probably be the wrong move. This vast German RPG is really not a game designed to be rushed through. For a third thing, it’s the successor to the Gothic games – a series which, in the US and UK at least, hasn’t reviewed anywhere near as rapturously as the reception they’ve won from their fans (with the exception of the much-maligned third). To a fair few people, Risen is the most important game of the year. What’s the reason for this disparity of opinion and enthusiasm? Well, that’s probably another post.

For this post, the first of several, I want to do something else – I simply want to play the game at a leisurely/sporadic pace. As I do so, I’m going to document my experiences, as a mix of narrative and opinion. Narrapinion I’d call it, if I was a massive arsehole.
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